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Median strip encounters.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Mitchkip, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. Was on the way home from work, went through an intersection that people are always merging into so I was taking it easy, 3 cars were merging in, kept my speed to the limit.

    All of a sudden, the last car starts merging into me, of course my horn doesn't work. So I'm left trying to brake easily and avoid being pushed onto the median. I end up riding the steep part of the median for a few seconds and somehow manage to keep the bike upright, hit the side of his car once I had regained stability and braked harder once I was off the median.

    I was so angry that I ended up going up beside him and punching his mirror, smashing it to bits, the sound was intensely gratifying, yelled some more at him and gestured for him to pull over.

    Once stopped, we had a quick and calm discussion, he apologised and said he hadn't seen me until he heard the bang on his car, and was genuinely sorry. I apologised for smashing his mirror, we shook hands and parted ways.

    I'm glad it ended this way, could have been infinitely worse, I don't know how I managed to keep my bike upright.

    Not usually one to vent, first time vent on an open forum :<

    I'm still shaken up.
  2. I bet he'll keep an eye out for bikes, now.

    Glad you're ok, mate!
  3. I bet you'll be receiving a bill in the mail now that he has your rego, maybe even a police report.
  4. Send one back for the torn ligaments in your knee :roll:
  5. +1

    We all do silly things when something angries up the blood.

    Good on you for not escalating it further :)
  6. I thought that if you were ever going to kick/punch someones window/mirror that it wouldn't be a good idea to stop and have a discussion with them.
  7. Well done for not escalating situation. Got mediun stripped myself recently and it didn't end well at all.
  8. So kicking the car and smashing the mirror is not escalating the situation?
    He's very lucky the driver was a snivelling coward and not a raving psycho. :shock:
  10. What would you have done Smee?

    I would have thought it was normal to be confused and, or angry when you're thrown into a life threatening situation. Not trying to pick an e-fight, just curious as to what you would have done in my situation.

    I hit his car initially (Not kicked.) as my horn didn't work, nor could he hear me yelling as he was forcing me to ride up onto the median strip. I feel breaking his mirror may have been out of line, but considering circumstances I deemed it appropriate, and so did he it seemed.

    I gestured him to pull over as I prefer to sort things out as they happen, he could have been a looney yes, but I was more than prepared to have dealt with that, I am not naive and do realise not everyone will apologise even when they are in the wrong.

    I'm generally never a violent person or anything, but when something life threatening happens I get very 'pissy' as 99% of people would, just don't see the need for your comments to be so negative considering what could have happened is all.
  11. I would of(And have) pulled up onto the Median strip, taken the number plate, and let the bugger go. A quick check to see if anything is broken. If so then I would of let my insurance reem him. I have no off switch when its thrown, and To be quite Honest I do not like the feeling afterwards. Last time i went to the nearest coffee place and sat for half an hour whilst calming down.
  12. You said..."of course my horn doesn't work"???? your horn really doesn't work??? hmmmm I think you had no right to smash his mirror if your horn doesn't work. It's the one thing that is vital on a bike TO WORK PROPERLY SECOND TO HEAD LIGHT AND BLINKERS. Just my opinion.
    I always back right off making sure cars behind me don't hit my A@# and let the mergers in.
  13. I've been in worse situations than you yet kept my cool

    Also my bike's horn works as do the 94 decibels of exhaust grunt.

    Oh and fix your horn and maybe the situation would not have arisen.
    Enough said
  14. Fix your horn. You are at fault. Enough said
  15. They have 3 lanes to merge in, I always move to the far right lane to let people merge in. My horn has always worked but now doesn't which leads me to do some fault finding.

    Your self righteous posting isn't necessary, things like this will always happen, expect the unexpected etc.

    Bottom line is, people are morons.
  16. So why not maintain a safe buffer and read the traffic better?
    You over reacted and are very lucky you encountered a snivelling coward.
    sorry I have zero sympathy for you in my opinion you got lucky.
  17. you are responsible for your safety, first and foremost, why deny yourself of a useful tool for making yourself safe? Self righteous or not, your a numpty.

    I suppose you'd ride your bike with a faulty chin strap on your helmet as well?

    I'm with the others, you are at fault for this accident, now go outside and smash your mirror to.
  18. I'm with mitchkip here.

    Yes keep a safe buffer yes don't destroy peoples' cars yes get your horn fixed.

    But sometimes everything sh!t happens at once and there's nothing you can do but watch it all hit the fan and wear the consequences. At least the guy was reasonable and admitted his fault; even if his mirror was smashed that is only worth money, whereas someone's life can't be replaced.

    Glad you survived it all ok!

    And in future, perhaps a mirror kick is preferable to a punch.
  19. Fair go lads. Mitchkip said he didn't know his horn wasn't working until this incident.
    It's not like we test the horn on our bikes regularly is it?

    While I agree Mitchkip could have done better to avoid the situation, sometimes people just merge across multiple lanes into your lane, quite unexpectedly. Breaking the mirror wasn't a good idea, but stopping and facing the consequences, while also clarifying why he did it, was taking responsibility for those actions.

    I think you and the others are being very hard on the driver here Smee. In my experience drivers are very concerned when they hit a motorcyclist. Rather than being a coward, this guy was man enough to recognise he made a mistake, and accept the consequences of his mistake, in this case a broken mirror, rather than just lashing out at the person who did it.

    That response, and the self control it requires, takes far more courage than just belting the person he perceived as responsible. The courage to appear weak in front of others, when a show of strength would feel good but is not called for or necessary. More people should have this sort of courage. The world would be a better place if they did.

    I hope the driver sticks to his initial reaction and doesn't pursue any compensation for the mirror. It sounds to me like two men both agreed they did wrong, shook on it, and parted with an understanding.
  20. Self righteous :LOL:

    First thing you need to do is get some anger management classes. With your temper the last thing you should be doing is riding a motorcycle.

    If your first reaction is to smash property when you're put in a stressful situation then you need to take a good hard look at yourself. People make mistakes and fcuk up on the road, shit happens. It's all part of what we do. As has already been said, you're damn lucky the driver wasn't a raging looney or someone who knows what they're doing.

    Finally, next person to condone the OP's actions will have their post removed. I've clearly stated before that condoning violence towards other road users will not be tolerated and I mean it. :evil: Grow up.