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Media Player

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. Folks,

    I like the concept of AppleTV but I'm not a huge wrap for their pricing. $450 for a 160GB unit.

    City Software have this unit on offer that seems to be the business.

    I just want to watch the odd "backed up" DVD on the large TV or send across the recording of the F1 from my Mac to the unit via the optional Wi-Fi dongle.

    I havent had time to research these units at all. Can anyone that knows more about them than I do able to offer some advise??


  2. How does it go playing xvid/divx files? I use the Xbox 360 with Windows Media Player Ver 11 running as a media sever on a Windows PC. Obviously that's no use to you, but that setup cost me about the same as what this Apple thing is. So, based on a straight price comparo it may be your only choice, anyway, given your hardware.
  3. # MOVIE Video: MPEG-1 (DAT / MPG / MPEG); MPEG-2 (MPG / MPEG / VOB / ISO / IFO / TS / TP) MPEG-4 (MP4 / AVI / MOV); DivX 3/4/5/6, Xvid (AVI / MKV) H.264 AVC (TS / AVI / MKV / MOV) VC-1 (TS / AVI / MKV / WMV); WMV 9 (WMV); Real Video HD 8/9/10 (RM / RMV8); FLV (FLV)
    # MOVIE Audio: Dolby Digital AC3, DTS, MPEG-I Layer 1/2/3, MPEG-II Layer 1/2 multichannel, Real Audio, MPEG-4 HE AACv2, LPCM; Support 7.1 audio channels
    # MOVIE Subtitle: srt, sub, smi, *idx+sub, ssa, DVD subtitle, DivX subtitle
    # MUSIC: MP3, WMA, WAV, ASF, AAC, OGG Vorbis, FLAC, iTune, M4A(AAC), M3U(Playlist)
    # PHOTO: JPG(40-mega pixel without limitation of resolution, Baseline), BMP, PNG, GIF, TIF, TIFF
  4. Seems to have all the specs.
    Is it hdmi?

    Edit: yes it is.
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  6. $329 from the Apple store currently. Rumoured to be replaced and the prices dropped quite a lot recently.
  7. There's a review of it here, watch the video if you can bear the super nerd's voiceover.
  8. It's a lot more expensive but a PS3 covers all my Video and Gaming duties in one slinky box.
  9. It will be interesting to see how well it can play true HD content - that's usually where such devices fall down.
  10. Considering my deep seated and somewhat irrational dislike of Apple and their products, I am in no real position to offer up an opinion. So I give you this instead:


    For those who can't make sense of this, the disgruntled piece of AV equipment is a DivX Player
  11. Yes an Apple TV is just a pretty DIVX player, with a UI that isn't shit...

    As with most Apple things it's about niceness, but you have to pay...

    The 24hr thing is what you have to do to supply content from big media...

    Rumour has it that the next Apple TV will be just that a TV from Apple...
  12. I know it's not quite what you are after, but have you considered something like this:
    It's basically a set top box that you can stick a usbkey/external hdd/sd card into and play your media.
    Supports damn near every format, can handle 1080p and has a remote.

    There's other options I can point you at if you want something with slightly more options.
    For example this thing (and derivatives) http://www.mediaplayersandmore.com.au/popcorn-hour-a110-media-tank-p-249.html
    will stream across the network, will hold an internal hdd, can be used as a leech box and has the remote.
    The downside is it costs almost as much as the AppleTV you're not a fan of. ;)
  13. And if you're flying and don't want to watch what Qantas/VB want you to watch, get onto itunes, find a movie and rent it for a few $$$. If you're not into channel BT and don't have the DVD already to copy down to your player, it's a convenient way to watch what you want.
  14. This could be interesting. Apple has been trying their hand at things outside of computers of late, and they have been doing quite well... As much as I dislike their ethics, watching them develop new products is a constant source of interest for me.

    Having said that, I do believe that we are at the point of a paradigm shift in the way we rent movies and access television shows. The industry, as a whole, has failed to provide this, so its over to the rest of the private sector... The question is, who has the idea that fits the void?
  15. I have the egreat EG-M34A purchased from www.egreathd.com . It runs on the same syabas platform as the popcorn hour mentioned earlier however is a lot cheaper. The M34 doesn't have space for a internal hdd however it has an external e-sata port and two usb ports for hotswapping hdd's. If you want a neat and tidy internal drive, then there is the M31B. I have mine running to my theatre room over cat5e and haven't had an issue with it. I am also running YAMJ (yet another movie jukebox) on it which provides a customised index of your movies with covers downloaded automatically from imdb.com. It also shows a brief synopsis and other info once movie is selected. It looks something like this.