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media blasting at home

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Devery, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. I'm looking to get a media blasting set up at home. Has anyone got a set up they use and have any advice for me?


    This one looks great but I cannot find an air compressor to use with it... needs to be 15 cfm, will I find one that I can use at home?

    Otherwise I can go smaller... but its much smaller.

    Any advice would be great. Thank you.
  2. super cheap auto should have a compressor that would do the job but it won't be quiet, but if u get one with a decent size storage tank atleast it won't be on constantly. I got a great GMC compressor from Bunnings a while back for under $100 but they don't stock them any more
  3. 15 cfm will probably need a 15 amp socket and will also be quite expensive, though I can't remember exactly what I paid for mine.

    However, a smaller unit would be able to deliver enough air flow in short bursts. You'd just have to be patient to let the tank recharge regularly.
  4. thank you.
  5. Does anyone else have a set up at home?
  6. Just checked my compressor and it's not 16CFM it's 14CFM but still does just fine. My 12 year old son blasted my front wheel for me today and here's how it turned out.


    You can kinda see the before in this pic


  7. Thats awesome.. Talented young fella :)

    Do you have a photo of your set up? is it a messy affair with no cabinet? or do you have one?

  8. No cabinet or anything, it's messy but at least it just washes away unlike sand blasting etc.
    Since it can just be hosed away I do it in the driveway with the garage door closed to keep the mess outside only.

  9. Ok I'm very new to this. I've stripped all the old fairings off my project bike and was going to sandblast the tank before repair and paint.

    You say "it washes away unlike sand blasting". What is "it"?

    Also I've heard that sand blasting fairings will stuff them but to use something called corn husks instead as they won't do damage but still strip the fairings nicely. Is this correct?

    TIA :D
  10. Its baking soda, you can buy it at coles or woolies in KG boxes or pool places have larger tubs. Do a goole on 'soda blasting'

  11. Thats amazing - thanks for the info.

    Apart from the compressor you'd need a specialised blasting gun? or is a sandblasting gun all that's needed?

    I can feel a trip to Bunnings / Supercheap coming on.......:)
  12. I tried that home made one without much luck, you can buy them for $15 at SuperCheap at the moment.