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media bias once again......death of rider at West Head NSW

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by evelknievel75, Aug 18, 2009.

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  1. my sincere thoughts and condolences to the family of the 62 yr old rider killed last thursday at West Head.

    the original story in my local paper screamed the headline "motorcyclist dies after colliding with car" then proceeded to inform us that it was pretty much all his fault EVEN though police investigations unit had not decided anything yet. and anyone in Sydney who has ridden that stretch of rd knows you'd have to be extremely stupid to have crossed double yellow lines on that part of the rd to west head.

    today they say "Death crash charge" as the headline and that "A GERMAN national has been charged with dangerous and negligent driving occasioning death after a fatal crash at West Head in which a motorcyclist died last week.The 21-year-old German man, who lives at Curl Curl, will face Manly Court next month following last Thursday’s crash. Police say the man was driving a Kia Rio south on West Head Rd through Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park about 4pm when it collided with a Triumph motorcycle travelling in the opposite direction. "
    nothing like blaming the motorcyclist first then finding out the truth and not even apologizing.....very sick of media playing blame the motorcyclist first always.
  2. Write to them mate.
  3. seriously considering it.

    but its cumberland press which is News Ltd which is rupert murdoch. he has a great track record, breaking the wapping strike, fox news, iraq war booster etc etc. anything to sell a paper.
  4. fcukwits

    I agree with quarterwit. Send ém a letter.
  5. Tell ABC's MediaWatch.
  6. The Illawarra Muckury ran a similar load of crap on Monday about "motorcycle carnage in the RNP"

    I know we're supposed to get the ploiticans we deserve, but I'm sure we're not getting the media we deserve.
  7. Drive a Kia Rio into their office.
  8. Definitely do the Media Watch thing. It's the sort of thing they love.
  9. makes me feel sick reading that sort of crap, the poor motorcyclists family, this media trollop just gets worse and worse..

    We should all write to them about this BS
  10. The manly daily consistently prints bullsh1it, written for beige people convinced that touching a motorcycle gives you 8 tattoo's, a piercing, a criminal record and then promptly kills you.

    write. I might even do that. and +1 to media watch too.
  11. Based on the article you linked to I can't see any problem.

    Do you have a link, or the text, of the article that is apparently biased?

    Have any of the above posters read said article? Sorry, I can't see where there is bias in the article provided.
  12. The linked article is the aftermath, you want the initial article.
  13. read his post properly :?

    Today's story is not much more than objective reporting of the facts, not biased rubbish, so no there is no bias in the latest article.

    Do you have a link, or the text, of the article that is apparently biased?
    wouldnt mind a sqiz myself to be honest.
  14. If that is the original article, i see the facts, (And a glaring spelling mistake.) I don't see, "The murdercycle did it!"

    EDIT: Though I definitely can see where you're coming from, the language is pretty blunt.
  15. i probably should have read the article before i jumped on the murdercycle bandwagon...
    however i stand by the statement that the manly daily is sh1te at best.
  16. Although I don't know in this case (didn't see the original print report), online articles are sometimes edited/updated when either more facts come to light or an error is found in the article. In this case of the linked article, I can't see the bias except for the obvious open-ended trailer: "...this is the second fatal in two weeks".
  17. OK well assuming that the link posted by Day is the original article, a couple of points.

    The story is about the motorcyclist not the car driver. This is because the car driver was uninjured while the rider was killed.

    At the time of writing obviously there wasn't further information as to the cause, therefore the fact that "A MOTORCYCLIST has died after colliding head-on with a car at West Head on Thursday afternoon." was simply stated, followed later with "it’s believed both the car and motorcycle were negotiating a sweeping bend in the road when they collided". Both of these are statements of fact. If the second statement was just about the motorcycle negotiating (or not) the bend then it would be biased, but its not.

    Now you may say that they should not write the story until all the information as to the cause is available, but this is not reasonable, as 1 -people want to know what happened on the road in a timely fashion and 2 - if they did this there would be no news ever. The trick (and some organisations handle this better than others) is to do it without bias and without speculation.

    Lilley I did read his post properly which is why I said "Based on the article you linked to...". My point was that everyone just jumped on the "the newspaper are bastards" bandwagon without having all the facts - which is exactly what you guys accuse the media of doing.

    The article reads badly for motorcyclists because unfortunately the poor man died, but this is facts, not bias. Yes some people may (in fact will) read the article and say "Motorcycles are dangerous, they should be banned". In fact someone actually said that to me at one fatal motorcycle accident I went to, the idiot. But that is a response to the facts of what happened, not the tone, intended or otherwise, of the writer.

    I don't work for the Manly Daily, or News Ltd. in case you're wondering!

    Sorry for the long post. Let the flaming begin!
  18. Yep, it's all in the perception, isn't it? And, since reporters nowadays feel that they have the obligation to MAKE the news rather than simply REPORT on it (hence the name, "reporter"), stories get whatever "slant" the particular reporter wants it to have and the editor will usually let it past.

    Thus we had the obscenity of the Illawarra Mercury "reporting" on "motorcycle carnage" in the RNP on Sunday. Now, I just checked dictionary.com and this is the definition of carnage...noun 1. the slaughter of a great number of people, as in battle; butchery; massacre.

    Now, the fact is that one rider was killed in a motorcycle accident that was caused by a car full of German tourists driving on the wrong side of the road and forcing the poor stiff on the bike into a stone wall on the side of the road...

    The FACTS are quite different from the way that it was reported.
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