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Mechanics Test Ride

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by 2wheelsagain, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. Mechanics Test Ride. How far is to far?

    Ok lets say I know someone who had their bike serviced yesterday. :wink:
    Lets say the service only involved an oil and filter change and a general check over.
    Lets also assume that because this bike is fairly new and well maintained there were no adjustments required or undertaken.
    How far would you expect the shop to ride the bike post service? :?
  2. Depends on Make and Model. If it were a Hyosung, he wouldn't ride it at all. If it were a litre Italian, then he would need at least 3 passes of the Spurs to ensure it's working okay.

    If it were any other bike then it should only need a 15 minute ride.
  3. 20 ks is enough. up to 40 I probably wouldn't argue. More than that and he better be a mate.

    I remember getting my VFR serviced the day after I bought it, and the mech gushed about how great it wheelied :shock:
  4. Enough to warm it up, make sure everything is working OK before final check of oil level. 5km, maybe 10 if there was some doubt about something. Any more and I'd be charging them for hire. Or I'd want hear the story about the problem they couldn't isolate immediately, leading to the need for multiple test rides.
    Maybe another customer needed a loan bike for a day?
  5. Oil and filter change? Warm it up on the spot. If the wheels and/or brakes had been removed, maybe round the block once or twice.

    Garn, what's the magic number?
  6. I'm gunna have a guess at 48 :grin:
  7. 42
  8. As close as dammit to 20k but according to some here thats reasonable.
    The ride report was that its faultless. I could have told them that!

    I have no real opinion just thinking it was a little excessive seeing as no other work was required or done apart from spinning an oil filter on and off and checking other fluids and replacing oil.
  9. That's kinda like after the Girlie had her 5 speed Commodore serviced at Booran Holden and it came back smelling of fish and chips.
  10. Up to 50, I would accept, just depends on the work really.

    Though I could imagine
    'Hi customer, there will be a delay on your 09 cbr1000, it requires new fairings, it seems that the rear suspensions caused the rear wheel to come out around a corner that I assure you was done at a responsable speed and caused the bike to low side"