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Mechanics, have your say- yay or nay

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by D4SPADA, May 21, 2008.

  1. Finding a mechanic....hmmm... a DECENT TRUSTWORTHY mechanic.

    I wanted a space where we could have our say on experiences with our locals; me personally i'm looking for a decent one in the inner eastern suburbs of melbourne for a major service.

    I'm thinking of going to the guys at a1 motorcycles in ringwood (a little far out maybe), my dealings with the people in sales there has been very good and obviously they recommend their own people... anyone with experience there?

    Have your say on your locals (and mine), good or bad experiences welcome.


  2. I've heard good and bad things about A1, but you'll get that most places.

    What I'd say to you is that most of the regular servicing on a motorcycle is stuff you shouldn't be afraid of, and if you have specific things you need done you can save a lot of money by putting your bike forward as a spanner night project bike and just buying parts and beers for the spanner crew ;)

    (Of course, you'll have to do most of the work yourself, but there'll be plenty of people looking over your shoulder telling you what not to do...)
  3. For your location, go to Mick Hone on Whitehorse road. Their mechanics are fantastic on Suzuki or Yamaha's.
  4. Good ones.........rare as rocking horse shit.
  5. Melbourne Motorcycle Repairs...ask for Pete. He advertises on netrider is a straight shooter and awesome mechanic...give him a try you won't be disappointed :)
  6. Mick and the boys down at Jeffrey Honda in F'Tree Gully, never had a problem with them.
  7. I bought a windscreen from A1s just after they opened. They helped me fit it and didn't charge me any extra. Teriffic. I also got some chocolate cake :LOL:. (But that was just after the opening; I wouldn't necessarily expect chocolate cake of late...)
  8. +1 for mick hone.
  9. On the same topic can anyone recommend a good bike mechanic in sydney, inner west area, but I'll travel,

    I was unimpressed with the last workshop I tried so I'm keen to find someone good and who gets work done in a reasonable amount of time.

  10. Flywheels in Alexandria, or RB Racing in Taren Point.

    Both excellent workshops
  11. +1 for pete
  12. Sorry - again just slightly off topic;
    Should a good mechanic ride the bike at every service? I'm only asking cause my handle bars are twisted and it's only something you would notice if you've ridden the thing. I've had 2 services so far and my mechanic hasn't mentioned it at all?
  13. I would expect so, yes.
  14. Ive had umpteen services/repairs on my bike, and not once has a mechanic ridden it. The only time it got ridden was when it had a RWC done when I first bought it.

    Mechanics will/should only do work you ask to be done, or diagnose problems you tell them about..... you should tell them about your handle bars, then they will look at them.
  15. When I had my bike serviced back at Phil Turnbull's in NZ, a quick road test was always part of the service. I would have thought that actually riding the bike you've been working on - however briefly - would be quite important.

    Any mechanics here care to chime in on the issue?
  16. meh good luck

    I did exactly that, found a recommended local bike mechanic by searching here on netrider but unfortunately i still ended up getting ripped.

    bought my bike interstate, anyway it wouldnt idle without choke but seems to rev freely up in the rev range, after a bit of research (thanks to netrider:) i checked out the tank and found heaps of surface rust, i guess the bike had been in storage for a while and when the seller was getting ready to sell he started it up without realising and clogged up the carbies..

    Anyway i pulled of the tank, kreemed it (now thats something i dont want to do again), put an inline fuel filter and rode it down to the workshop ready for the carbie clean.

    Told him i just received the bike, looks like its been in storage a while, im sure the carbies are completely clogged, please clean and re-tune the carbes (he quoted 3-4hrs labour ~$260 + parts).. also suggested he have a quick check over the bike and let us know if anything else needs to be done (big mistake)...

    Anyway i go and pickup the bike expecting to pay around $300 and he asks for $650!!! he did more than the carbie cleanup but any decent mechanic would of called to clear the work beforehand.... basically what i got for $650 was the following;

    - Carbie Clean (1 pilot jet replaced, 8 o-rings at $5 each!!)
    - Oil Change
    - Clean oil filter (didnt have a spare)
    - New Sparkies (old ones were fouled)
    - Air filtered Cleaned (was brand new already =\ )
    - Replaced washers on fuel tap (to be fair i asked him so i new this would be done :)
    - fuse replaced for hi beam

    Anyway that was it.. so not really that much work eh! he said the bike was basically running on 2 cylinders since the carbies were so dirty and it took a bit of time to clean it.. anyway i certainly was expecting $650, he brought it down to $600 but i still feel pretty dirty :(

    Anyway sorry about the rant, but d4Spada dont go blindly into a recommended mechanic, make sure you get a written quote beforehand and make a point of being informed if anything unexpected comes up.. i naively thought id be ok
  17. Does he look after your SD, Bamm-Bamm? (just wondered if specialist brand knowledge is an issue there).
  18. I'll agree to that too.
  19. thanks ice, appreicate the advice