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Mechanics getting busted on customers unregistered bikes..?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MTMotorcycles, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. How are motorcycle mechanical workshops meant to know if a bike is registered or not now that the rego label isn't compulsory? Do they have to ask every customer that comes through the door whether they've paid their rego up to date? Will technicians get let off if busted test operating a customers vehicle that's not registered? doubt it... I haven't come across anything around the net where mechanics can search number plates to see if the vehicles are registered.

    Also... what about test riding new bikes from the show room, are you willing just to trust the salesman and just hop on the bike and ride?

    Same applies for car workshops etc. I know that most workshops have a "trade plate" which they can use, but from my experience in dealerships - half the time the plate hasn't been renewed yet because the mechanics don't bother with the trade plate at all unless its for blue slip reasons, and the other half of the time they just cant be bothered filling out all the paperwork (to use the trade plate) to go for a 2 minute ride on a bike that more than likely is registered.

    Is there a fast and easy resource I'm not aware of yet..? Penalties are only getting worse for riders and drivers and I wonder whether taking away the visibility to tell if a bike is registered or not to everyone else has made it easier for them to get caught out so there's more chances of catching people out unregistered which means more revenue for the government!

  2. But just having a rego label still does not mean the bike is registered. The bike only becomes registered once the rego is paid.
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  3. How does a mechanic go about test riding an unregistered bike? I would assume this is necessary every now and then, especially when fixing repairable write offs.
  4. They fire up their smart phone and use the RTA website to check if the vehicle is registered.
  5. Dunno about NSW but Vicroads provides a free vehicle registration enquiry service on their website. There is also a link there to the Personal Property Securities Register, which is national but there is a fee.
    edit, NSW RMS has free rego check on their website too.
    Damn, beat me to it.
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    When you can drive unregistered:

    Unregistered light vehicles can be driven in NSW for the purpose of obtaining registration by the most direct or convenient route:
    • To the nearest convenient motor registry.
    • To the nearest convenient vehicle inspection station or authorised safety check station to determine whether the vehicle complies with the applicable vehicle standards.
    • In the course of inspecting or testing the vehicle to determine if it complies with the applicable vehicle standards.
    • To the nearest practicable weighbridge to determine the weight of the vehicle.
    • From a motor registry or safety check station where the registration of the vehicle has been refused, to the nearest convenient place where necessary repairs can be made or where the vehicle can be garaged, unless a direction has been issued that the vehicle must not be driven before the necessary repairs have been made.
    • From an authorised safety check station to the nearest convenient place where necessary repairs or adjustments can be made or where the vehicle can be garaged.
    • To the nearest convenient office of a licensed insurer for the purpose of obtaining Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance.
    • To the nearest convenient location for any other purpose directly associated with the registration process.
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  8. There are provisions in WA law to allow the restricted use of unregistered vehicles.
  9. Does this apply when a customer brings in a bike that doesn't run and they get a service - then the technician test rides it afterwards? (even though the owner may have no intention of registering it, and just wishes to sell it privately). Whats the difference between this mechanic telling the officer they're just test riding it and a random person riding an unregistered vehicle telling the police they're just test riding it?
  10. Maybe you could direct your questions the department of government responsible for it in your state. Then you will actually get a conclusive answer. This you could get in writting and keep it to cover yourself if your mechanics have a problem with the authorities in the future.
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  11. ps and then post up here the actual answer.
  12. Thanks for that link - definately a help to those unsure, I will pass it on. I tried using that link you sent me, and I put in an old registration of mine that has lapsed, and says its currently registered, which is unusual seeing as I have never paid rego for it since I bought it several years ago. Will try with a few other plates and see what result I get.
  13. Very interesting.. I found that 2 bikes I've turned into track bikes because they were repairable write offs are still registered and I know their rego is void. A few other track bikes are showing that they are still unregistered which is normal.

    Here's something interesting... I just found out I have a bike in my workshop at the moment that hasn't been registered since November last year.. It's in because it's blown a cam chain tensioner, parts are on their way and should arrive in a couple days. The repairs will be carried out and the bike will need to be test ridden, can I legally test ride the bike "In the course of inspecting or testing the vehicle to determine if it complies with the applicable vehicle standards." around town and beyond? Or do I have to set out some kind of route and let the proper authorities be aware of my intentions? Seeing as a police car JUST drove past the workshop as I'm writing this, I feel that there must be some kind of resource somewhere to assist technicians in this department.
  14. Having to prove he works for an official service centre. Probably safest to wack a trade plate on everything
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  15. for a look into how big professional outfits do it (i am not saying that you are not big or professional). my fiancée works in the Toyota service department, and they get between 80 and 120 sets of wheels through their department daily.

    one of her jobs at the end of the day was to look up each car (on her list) and print out the rego details for the next days booked in jobs.

    that way, they had a record of looking at whether the car had rego, and that they RTA said it had rego the day before.

    but keep in mind that at the bottom of the little report that shows up there it has a disclaimer that basically says 'the RMS doesnt give two hoots as to whether this info is correct or not so if you get booked... eh'
  16. How about mechanics not ride it unless with the permission from the owner, thereve been many instances where they just take a joyride of someones pride and joy...........if they wanna ride it to find a fault then they tell the owner and make sure that the bike can be ridden on the road (permission signed for by the owner).
  17. i dont get it.
    isnt it already answered? ... "In the course of inspecting or testing the vehicle to determine if it complies with the applicable vehicle standards."
  18. Common sense. Don't get pulled over in Liverpool with it.

    Try suggesting that to any workshop owner.
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  19. I reckon "around town and beyond" would be pushing it a bit far. You'd only really need to warm it up, work it through the revs while still in the workshop and then maybe a short test ride up and down a back street.
  20. In QLD, you might get done for hooning (or so I've been told) lol