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Mechanically challenged !

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by I'm Simon, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. Being your typical soft handed office worker type I am pretty mechanically challenged, but would like to be able to conduct simple maintenance on the bike myself, i.e oil & filter changes etc.

    If anyone has the time and or inclination to help a mechanically challenged noob by demonstrating / assisting with an oil and filter change on my zzr250 I will be forever grateful (and will supply the beer / snacks :grin: ). Please pm me.

  2. hmm not sure how different it is than a cbx 250 ?? didn't see a filter? lol... i just unbolted the sump bolt (underneath bike) and when it drined out.. filled it back up .
  3. hey hopper :) don't be afraid :) is easier than it looks! put your bike on the center stand. look underneath your sump and you will see a few bolts. middle one is for your oil filter. and drain plug is front right bolt if i remember correctly :p am sure someone around your area would be willing to help show you how to get it done mate :)
  4. Sounds like a good excuse for a westy spanner day.
  5. yep...I am with you Vic...sounds like a plan :grin:
  6. Oh...btw ...I am happy to supply the garage and bbq....just byo dead animal and refreshments.....I will supply the nibblies ! :grin:
  7. Ok, you're it then.

    Your garage, your missus, errr, sorry, I meant nibblies :p

    Pick a date, post the details, I'm sure people will turn up.

    Who is ion for this one?
  8. depends on the details etc but I could be there :wink:
  9. I'll check with the CEO of domestic affairs and will post up a suitable date in the next couple of days.
  10. Hello Hopper,

    I think the little ZZR250 are very similar to the GPX250?

    If so, they are dead set easy to work on, providing you have some decent tools, and a manual. I cannot stress the importance of a good manual, and I really reccomened that Haynes ones (I think they are better than the factory manuals you can get for free of the interweb thingo).

    It will show you how to do most of the minor and major mechanical jobs. Just take your time, follow the book and plan ahead a little bit.

    You will end up really enjoying it.
  11. Sorry cant help ya, know a bit about cars but nothing what so ever about bikes!

    I'd be up for a spanner day for sure though!