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Mechanical problem - urgent

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by campag, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. Trying to leave work.

    Warm up bike. Helmet, gloves etc. Choke off, jump on, idling ok, select 1st, start to let clutch out. revs drop to zero and bike stalls.

    Maybe I'm not putting up enough revs. More revs, clutch out a bit revs start to drop and I haven't moved right hand. Out a bit more revs hit zero and I have to pull the clutch in to rescue it.

    Bike idles and revs fine in neutral. Just won't go in first. Can't select second from motionless 1st.

    THis happend once before after a bit of rain, but I put it down to maybe some water got where it wasn't supposed to. Not raining all day so it's not water prob. Lots of fuel.

    Any ideas what to do?

    Desperate. 50ks from home and it's crap dark in the carpark.

    Forgot to add, its a ZZR250 2003 model
  2. I've a VTR250 which is having intermittent stalling/low idle issues. When it decides to play up (same probs as what you're experiencing) I just keep the revs up as I let the clutch out and off we go. Perhaps you should try more revs?

    Sorry I can't be of more help. Good luck with it.
  3. I revd it to 5k and it still drops to zero like a stone. Pull the clutch back in and revs recover.
  4. Sidestand safety switch is killing your motor. Make sure your sidestand is up, the switch at the top of the stand moves freely and wires are ok, it's plugged in further up (if you can see that without stripping the bike).

    Also check the clutch sensor part of the safety circuit under the clutch lever, make sure it's properly plugged in.
  5. It does sound like the switch either in the clucth or the sidestand switch. I'm not too sure as I dont know that much about bike mechanics...
  6. An update. Left the bike for 10 minutes (to make my panic post), went out, jump on bike and she's all a go no probs.

    So after reading your replies (mucho thanks guys, I know poop all about the finer details of these things), it makes sense about the side stand safety switch. It's probably sticking, so I'll check it out on the weekend (and those other things mentioned).

    "Side stand safety switch", just another thing to go wrong. There's an argument for less technology sometimes.
  7. Sorry, but no :p

    I've seen a friend ride off with the stand still down and if it wasn't for my beeping and shouting he would have been ass over tit at the first corner..
  8. but this is Nature's way of refining the gene pool :LOL:
  9. nah, done it a hundred times on the rgv. it just flicks up after a swift leap in the air from the rear tyre :)
  10. are you sure you're foot werent sittin hte rear brake a bit too hard :p
  11. change your plugs and plug caps and cap boots.
  12. i dont think it would be the sidestand switch, it would just shut straight off when you click it into gear if that was the case,wouldnt it? it does with my bikes anyway.
  13. The bike had a big service only 2k ago and it idles nicely and runs smoothly.

    Before leaving for work this morning I had the bike on the center stand and checked the operation of the side stand switch. It looked pretty grimy and when I swung the stand down and back up again, the switch was loathsome to pop fully out. I had to free it up a little by swing the stand up and down a few times.

    Couldn't find the WD40 in the shed so I put a little squirt of degreaser on the switch and moved the side stand a few times again. This time the switch came out much smoother and faster.

    I can see from where it is positioned that it can easily pick up crap from the road and bits of chain oil etc over time.
  14. False netural and you were actually trying to take off in 4th or 5th gear? You said you couldn't put the gear in second? Why? Were you in final gear and couldn't change up anymore?
  15. It was absolutely in first. I could feel the friction point just start then wham, zero revs. So it seemed more like an electronic intervention to cut it out.

    Had I been in a higher gear, I'm sure I would have felt the shudder and lugging from the engine as it tried to engage.
  16. Please tell that to Carl Hamersley's widow....
  17. Try this....

    Your side stand has a switch... follow the wires till you find where they plug in and unplug them. (should be Green/White and Black/yellow wires). join those two wires together that come from the harness and see what happens...(you might have to use another piece of wire). By doing that you eliminate the sidestand altogether... it sounds like it is definitely a switch causing your problem.... if that doesn't work will have to try something else...

    I think it could also be the switch on your clutch lever.....but you have to eliminate one thing at a time...

    (I used to work for Kawasaki) and I have a ZZR250 manual...

    Let me know what happens...