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Mechanic, wtf?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Maetrik, Sep 4, 2010.

  1. So, i recently bought a SFV650 Gladius off a close mate.

    It was defected so i dropped it in to a mechanic to get the stock pipe put back on, a few minor bits and pieces, and a rear fender "made up" so that i could mount a rear reflector etc.

    Now, when the mechanic said he'd be able to knock together a rear fender in no time, i was sceptical but hopeful that it'd be half decent.

    This is the abomination i was greeted with.

    After riding it feeling like an absolute tool with RWC in hand, i got home and tore straight into it.


    Lesson learnt? Don't take the rear fender off a gladius.
  2. Well he DID fix it!

    Those pipes hurt my ears just looking at them!
  3. My girlfriend would have done a better job than that.

    Yeah the IXIL pipe goes pretty well, about to chuck an ECU/Leo vince midpipe in it, then she should be purrrrring!
  4. That's a joke, did he keep a straight face when giving you the bill.
  5. He said "it doesn't look as good as it did" with a really uneasy look on his face.

    I walked out the front to jump on and saw it, pissed myself laughing and then had the realisation that i had to ride it 20km's to get home.

    Was an embarassing ride, nearly every set of lights, a 1000cc bike would pull up next to me, they must have thought i was some prude who should have bought a scooter!
  6. Looks pretty good/functional to me. Some fool removed the rear fender on my Hornet, so I've been thinking about doing something like this - I get sick of all the water and dirt being sprayed back at me. Thanks Maetrik, you just gave me a good idea.
  7. You could always unscrew it and use it as a picnic table when you stop somewhere.
  8. You could take it off, lean it up against your bike and sleep under it too.
  9. You could also use it as a pit board during track days.
  10. Portable bridge if you need to cross a river.
  11. it did exactly what you wanted though right? to pass RWC.
  12. you can also use it shelter your bike from the elements.
  13. Maybe could stick one of those big plasma screens on it. Those other riders could maybe enjoy the TV while waiting at the lights?
  14. Think of it as Karma for riding a Gladiola (and you bag scooters?).
  15. SPOT ON !!!

    We go through this at work all the time. More often than not whatever we rig up to make the bike RWC as far as rear fenders and the like are concerned, is ripped off the bike as soon as the transfer has been completed.

    We have a couple of black square rubbish bins we collected from the local florist that was closing down and we cut them up for mud gaurds, just like the one in the OP.
    Its not about how it looks, its about the RWC.
  16. The problem might be communication by the sounds of it.
    Do you want something to pass a RWC with and then remove or do you want something that'll look good and remain on the bike?
  17. That right there is a shield. Take it off, grab your sword and you're ready to fight for Scotland.
  18. Patent the design, sell it on fleabay and make a motza. You could call it a air/speed brake adapted from the ones on a Airbus passenger jet.
  19. Imagine the revenue from placing an advertisement there!