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Mechanic recommendation: West, Central or East Melbourne

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Cheeba, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    I was wondering if anyone could recommend a mechanic either inner west (F'scray/Yarraville) or East (around Camberwell/Hawthorn) please.

    If not, then CBD would be OK. I live in the West and work in the East so ideally I want somewhere I can drop teh bike off and get to work or home easily enough.

    Thanks :)

  2. http://highoctanemotorcycles.com.au have an after hours pick up & drop off service for the busy folks

    also intyre motorcycles in fitzroy are open 7 days and close late most days
  3. Race Replica is just west of Yarraville in Brooklyn.

    What do you need done?
  4. depends on what u want done to the bike.... some1 recommended me redwing honda for dyno tunes.... i wouldnt mind if any1 would point me in the right direction for a service on a honda cbrrr 05


  5. yea i've been told... took it to him when i came down melb and did a 24000km full service.... great price and quik as well... he recommended me redwing for dyno... i tried to ring him again for minor service but it seems he is working elsewhere now... i always get a voicemail...

    mite try him again after this weekend's motogp

  6. double post ?????
  7. Thanks very much guys, I appreciate all of your responses. I basically just want to get a service and once over done on my new bike. I always do that when I buy a new one (or car) so that at least I know it has been done recently and also the bike is stalling out occasionally when sitting at idle. I have booked it in to a place in Brunswick so I will see how I go.