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Mechanic needed - Newtwon area

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Voz, Apr 13, 2013.

  1. Oh Lordy, how did I get involved in this?

    Bought my useless son a 98 Majesty 250 scooter last year which he has trashed and run out of rego, so I have transferred it into my name with the aim of regoing it and selling it, got some issues though:

    Went to check it out today, oh crap.

    - Dead battery - will try to recharge
    - Need new rear tyre - can't get any air in as the valve is vertical and about 2cm from the rim (who designed this???)
    - Petrol is pissing out of it when I start it - presumably a ruptured fuel line?
    - Who knows what other horrors lurk?

    I am in Newtown/Enmore and need to find someone to come and collect it and take it back for surgery, any recommendations?
  2. Sorted. Found a mechanic in Marrickville advertising in Gumtree, they even picked it up for $70 on Sat afternoon and took to their workshop.

    I will post back here once they have fixed and provide contact details and a service and price review, cheers.
  3. Interested in hearing how it went, have a bike in Marrickville that needs some work.
  4. If it comes up again Close Motorcycles in Redfern are great.
  5. Thanks Kanga, do you know if they do pickups? Bike decided it won't start, so anything more than a few blocks is one hell of a push.
  6. Yep believe its 90 bucks or so for pick up
  7. Hey voz, I'm in tempe, our workshop is on the princes hwy in tempe. Our prices are very competitive, if not the best in sydney. Drop in or give us a call on 8964 7997. Pick up from Newtown is $45, and can be arranged at any time.