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Mechanic near Ivanhoe/Kew/Heidelberg etc

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by cosi, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. does anyone have any good experiences with mechanics in this area?

    i have a 94 250 kwaka

    i know redwing on bell st but is that super expensive?

    (for a service)

    thxx guys
  2. Ive had good service/advice from Maurice at Gassit (Station St, Fairfield - just near railway line).. He serviced my ZZR250 a few times and sorted out the frontend..etc.. I think he charged me $180 to service the ZZR..
  3. Hi Cosi,
    I'm around the corner in Bulleen.

    I had my zzr serviced at Redwing for a minor service at 18,000km and it cost me just on $185. It was the first time I had taken it to a mechanic after buying it and it seemed a bit pricey but I guess that is fairly normal.

    Since then, I have had a few smaller things done at Gassit and I can say they are probably a little cheaper but above that the level of service is a bit more personal and not as rushed.

    I would recommend Gassit, and it is just down the road from you.
  4. Dont take it to redwing
    Stafford is way better.
    gassit in fairfield is good, but insist that morris works on it and make sure they know you dont want the apprentice anywhere near it.
  5. +1 Top advice.

    Redwing have a reputation for giving shit service to Kawasaki owners (ask me or pose the question on KSRC :wink: ).

    Stafford Yamaha have always been terrific for me with various brands giving top class service, good advice and very reasonable prices. I'm always impressed by the lengths Stafford will go to, to make sure I'm happy with their service and the quality of their work. :)
  6. totally recommend Stafford.. every service bar one(was in QLD) has been there, all good, extra lengths all the time... :grin:
  7. Do Stafford have courtesy bikes?
  8. [/quote] not sure if the quote bit will work, first time, un aware of a service bike, although I have not thought to ask, are there many places that have them? sounds like a great option, I recently took boots back to another store and they had a spare pair to use while the rep looked at mine (3 weeks) all good there...
  9. cool okay well ill give gassit a buzz tomorrow, i work on heidelberg road.

    do small mechanics offer courtesy bikes? im a bit far away from ivanhoe from home unless they can fix it up all in one day..

    thanks for all the advice!
  10. Hi,
    I use stackers in west heidelberg. It is a smallish place that is run by a great bloke.