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Mechanic in Western Suburbs (VIC)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by noobie_rider, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. Hey guys,

    I'm having problems starting my CBR250 (I only ride it on weekends and i have to push start it to get it going).
    Does anyone know of any reliable mechanics in the western suburbs (VIC) - hoppers crossing, werribee, laverton area.

  2. Noob... [you'll wanna change that knick after a while!]... Race Replica are having a few "system" issues at the moment - but I'd normally recommend them. In the mean time, Western yamaha and Advantage motorcycles will be able to look after you.

    By the way, it sounds like a battery issue. If it's not a new battery, then get a new one, $50-$60 and whack it in - it's not a complicated job.

    If you already have a new battery, then it's something else - charging circuit, alternator dying, voltage regulator... a bit more complicated, and definitely requiring more expertise.

    Good luck.

  3. I know one of the guys at Advantage.

    I don't know the quality of their work though.

    If it's just a battery problem and you need a hand with it then sing out, I'm just off Tarneit Rd, more than happy to help on the weekends if you need.

  4. Yep your correct rob.Wanted to get my zx9 checked and serviced race replica said dont know when we will ring you :shock: so i am out of there :cool:
  5. Is Reece still there as their Mechanic?

    Seems like the wheels have fallen off?
  6. Have heard good reports about the mechanic at Team One Honda/Suzuki in Old Geelong rd, hoppers.

  7. Team One / Advantage Honda are one and the same :)
  8. Vic nope i was told reece doesnt work there anymore
  9. I've used Advantage honda before and their work has been good.
  10. Race Replica:
    * Con [Excelelnt mech] took a job with Peter Stevens. (They need a good mech from what I hear!)

    * Coupla weeks later Reece left or was asked to leave. I have no other information on the Reece situation.

    Chris is looking for a new Mech and has done a lot to turn the shop around, so I hope they get through this situation soon.


  11. What do they charge at Team One / Advantage Honda for a service?
  12. whoa @ race rep. that's no good.
  13. RaceReplica UPDATE:

    Got the bike serviced last week and caught up on the goss.

    Race Replica is about to expand into the vacated paint shop next door. The expansions plans sound promising.

    There's also been a structural change too in that the workshop is now run and organised by the mechanics (a new young Mechanic Ben - pretty level headed and the ever trusty Dave)...

    Good to see my local shop thriving and through its hiccup. [The accessories section is BULGING at the seams!]


  14. Hey,

    How much was it to service the bike at Race Replica in Brooklyn?
    Was it a 6month or a 12 month service?
    Do they service all types of bikes or just Kawasaki?

  15. They service all types of bikes.

    How much??

    Who knows. Depends on what is done and what it needs.
  16. Noobie, my bike had a minor service 36000kms, plus a dyno run and a new pilot power front tyre. With a little mates rate adjustment it cost me just over $500.

    I think their labour rate is about $65 hr. Pretty standard.