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Mechanic in Richmond, Vic

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by 84SR250, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys,

    First post and I'm already asking for help!!

    I've just bought a (tired) Yamaha 1984 SR250. I remember seeing somewhere along the line a mechanic in Richmond the does work on these sorts of bikes (similar to Deus style).

    Does this sound familiar to anyone?

  2. Nope!

    What's wrong with it?
  3. Speers Performance will be the place you are looking for.
  4. They've closed up shop a month or two ago.
  5. Yeah i think it was Speer Performance and i searched for them this morning on the net, the website no longe exists so it seems QuarterWit is right.

    Did they move or are they gone completely?

    And in answer to your question QuarterWit there's nothing wrong with it (as far as i know), but i want to get some custom work done similar to teh Deus work.

    Any ideas?
  6. He's just shut down the shop front, I know he's doing work for mates at home but I think he might be back in someone elses workshop full time. I think. But yeah, Speer as it was shut down completely. Damn shame.

    It's best to change stuff on the bike yourself. Otherwise it gets bloody expensive and you lose lots of time as well. And besides, it's not much fun saying that someone else built the bike for you.

    Check out the SR500 forum. There's a few SR250 owners in Australia playing with these things at the moment.
  7. Thanks for the help QuarterWit, much appreciated.

    I'll check out the SR500 forum, although I'm reasonably useless when it comes to DIY....which is something i probably should have considered before buying a 25 year old bike...eek
  8. You have to learn one way or another - on a lighter note you couldn't get a simpler bike to start off with.
  9. Really?? That's comforting!!
  10. Yeah, unless it was an old 2 stroke Yamha DT175 or something like that.

    If you're wanting actual frame stuff modified, things painted, tanks altered etc etc I have the number of someone in Brunswick who'd be willing to help. He's doing a similar thing to a guys SR250 at the moment and has done some amazing stuff with some old CD250's I'll PM you his details. Worth giving him a call and popping around to see what he does.
  11. Again, thanks very much.