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Mechanic in Melb?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by sarz, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. Hi guys

    My Kawa ZZR250 is up for its first service (have passed the 1000km mark) and was wondering if anyone can recommend a good mechanic in Melbourne. I live in Glen Iris and work in Richmond, but am happy to travel (within reason) to a mechanic that (a) won't rip off a girl, (b) won't rip off a girl who knows minimal about bike mechanics and (c) does a good job, of course.

    Have had issues being a girl with car mechanics in the past :mad: hence the tone of cynicism in my request.

    Any suggestions much appreciated! :)

  2. Hello? Anybody?? Pleeeease help me, I need advice :-({|=

    Was thinking of just going to a Kawasaki dealer, but I've heard they tend to be a little overpriced? I only know of Brighton, Mornington & Sharptune in D'nong

    Any thoughts?

  3. Ummm, what about the dealer you bought it from?
  4. T'was private sale
  5. well...

    I use a mechanic based from home. his also an engineer. his prob the best mechanic ive come across. anyway, he'd want to be good cuz all his clients know where he lives! only prob is his house/garage is in the basin (next to dandy mountain). So bit of a hike for some but well worth it.

    Cyco Engineering
    Paul Bowkes 9762 8230
  6. You bought it second hand with under a 1000k on the clock? I'd take it to your nearest Kawa dealerand strike up a relationship with them.

    Or try 1300 KAWASAKI (the old Floyd Parkes Kawa) in Ferntree gully, one of the owners is a chick and she keeps the boys in line.

  7. Thanks dje. yeah bit of a hike but given my past experience with crap mechanics, distance is the least of my worries!
  8. Oh Woodsy I think I've just demonstrated what a noob I am :oops: I was under the impression that the 1000k service meant 1000ks from when I purchased it, given I don't know it's history and that this first service would act as the initial overhaul (ie. what ideally should have been done once I got it).
    Oops. i feel silly now :facepalm: :LOL:

    However I'm always up for a chick who keeps the boys in line, 1300 KAWA sounds good for the future

    Thanks for your help!!
  9. LOL, no probs Sarz, so how may K's on the clock and what is due to be done during the service? (check the hand book), if it's just a filter and oil change may be it's time for you to learn some basic maintainance.
  10. It's done almost 12000ks, am having a perve at the manual now, looks like I will need that service after all, pretty much everything needs to be done at 12000.

    As for learning the basics, I've been attempting to do that already, just through reading & asking, however haven't given anything a go yet! Bit scared I'll stuff something up! :LOL:
  11. Speak with Albert Teheneppe at Sharptune. Pronounced as it's spelt. He is an honest man. Runs a good shop
  12. Cheers MVrog, I had a wicked salesman at Sharptune not long ago so I walked outta there with a smile on my face. :grin: Always a good thing
  13. can also recommend race replica motorcycles in brooklyn. they specialise in kawasakis and will do a great job for you.
  14. Cyco Engineering.


    Im going to second dje's opinion of Paul at Cyco Engineering.

    Probably the best motorcyle mechanic I have come across as well.

    If you can make the hike, you'll be thouroughly rewarded.

    After having my (somewhat problematic) bike worked on by several other mechanics (including a delaership), it never ran so damn good!!!

    Great advise, great workmanship, and you wont walk out of there feeling like you 've been bent over and .....we'll you get the idea.

    He has done a heap of work on my tired little 250, and everything has been top notch.....

    P.S. Not making any negative suggestions about dealerships

    CYCO Engineering
    Paul Bowkes 03 9762 8230
  15. I have been stuffed around by mechanics for far too long. Now I will only go to one place in Melbourne. Pablos in Mulgrave. They are certainly the best by far.
  16. Brighton Kawasaki is very good, I used to take my Suzuki there. I think the guys name is Mick, can't remeber off the top of my head, too lazy to look it up at the moment.

    His prices are pretty decent and he's an honest dude. Recommend him anyday.

  17. try Mike at OCD racing in Oakleigh.. his pretty good, takes the time to have a good chat to you as well.

    OCD Racing 0408491668
  18. I'm taking my bike in to put on a dyno just to get a graph and see if I can fine tune my fuel map (better economy or power where I want it?) and I'm going to upload the fuel map to a daytona 675 website I use so other people may be able to use the fuel map (who have a setup like mine?) with Tuneboy. (www.tuneboy.com.au) Anyway, the guy who owns the shop/services bikes/mechanic is a great guy, a NetRider partner and his webpage is http://www.speerperformance.com.au/ and he is located in Richmond. Hope this helps anyone at all :)
  19. I can recommend Simon at YarraCity M/C services, who operates out of his home at Fitzroy. He does a good job and generally charges less than the dealers.

    contact: 03 9428 9763.