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Mechanic in 3078 Area Fairfield (Vic)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by journeyman, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. Any suggestions for general Honda tune/service work in the Fairfield (Vic) area? - obviously Redwing in Heidelberg but any other thoughts?

  2. Have heard good things about www.gassit.com.au (I think groberts has personal experience with them).
  3. Good :D - they're around the corner and I've been actually planning to get them to do a tune/service on the Spada. Unless someone says anything bad, they've got the gig.

  4. you should pm groberts03 to get his opinion - he'll get back to you quite quickly. As I said I am pretty sure he has used them before.
  5. FWIW - good experience today with Gassit - Morris did a fine job on the Spada - I'd thought it was running pretty well before he got to it - this was really just to get a professional tune etc to be sure that everything was OK and so that I'd have a frame of reference to judge what it should sound like in the event that anything were to go wrong. But now is magnifique!

    A satisfied customer.

  6. glad it worked out , my next on i am going to try peter H anighan , and see how it matchs up with maurice .
    as i said in the pm , sometime gassits can be a little dear side , but maurice knows his stuff .
  7. Got no benchmark to judge exy or not - but tune & service, oil, oil & air filter, plugs, fresh coolant (not water ;) ), test ride on completion - $227. Oh - and was also polished with ArmorAll to plastic bits & SIDES of tyres too! :D Perhaps may have been a bit less elsewhere, but as I said in my PM, am happy to pay a few shekels over the odds once to help establish the "relationship".

  8. Redwing is all you need, absolutely bloody CHAMPIONS those guys!!!!!!
  9. I am pretty fussy when it come to servicing my bike. I do most of it myself, but for the things that are a little bit beyond me (Cam Chain Tensioners, Brake Bleeding and fitting new brake lines) I use Peter Henighan that Groberts just mentioned. Well recommended.

    PM me for his details if you want them.
  10. I took my Across in to Gassit first when Action were booked out for a month, and I've been using them since.
  11. Matt - have heard lots of good stuff about Redwing too - in fact my old CBX is up there now waiting for the insurance stuff to get sorted. Although a mate had his VTR250 serviced there and they missed a few things (coolant level low for one as I recall) - but then again, they did squeeze him in immediately before Xmas when they were really busy.