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Mechanic Dropped My Bike [nsw]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by orekin, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. Had my DR650 in at mechanic for 6000 K service and new tyres. Went and picked it up with a trailer and started giving it a wash, when I notice heaps of damage on the right side:
    Bottom of fork
    Front wheel gaurd
    Scratches on side of fuel tank
    Bash Plate scratched on edge
    Foot peg bolts
    Engine case small scratch
    Gear leve damaged
    Luggage rack damaged
    Back indicator scratched

    Looks like someone was taking it up a ramp and misjudged, as there is no damage to the handlebards or mirror.

    Absolutely kicking myself for not checking the bike over before paying the bill. I mean I had a look at it, but not a close enough look.

    What to do ? I'm going to talk to the workshop but they will probably just say 'we didn't do it'. How would I be able to prove otherwise ?

    I don't want every scratched component be replaced, just financial compensation.


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  2. Re: Mechanic Dropped My Bike

    More phots

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  3. Good luck...
  4. They'll say "Ït was like that when we got it."

    As Joel said, best of luck mate. But you're after money rather than getting the bike fixed? Sounds strange - I'd just be after that case to be replaced.
  5. Take photos of damage.

    Get estimate to repair.

    Prepare statutory declaration that the condition of the bike was different when it was picked up to when it was dropped off, referring to the damage as shown by the photographs.

    Dump copies on shop owners desk.
    Give them opportunity to make it right.

    If no joy: stand outside the shop with a sign that says "They dropped my bike and refuse to fix what they broke."
  6. Yeah I suppose it does sound a bit strange. I was thinking that I would get another mechanic to fix up the damage and reclaim the bill from them. I don't want them touching the bike again :)

    Why would you just fix the case ?
  7. I dunno, to me it's a dirtbike - a great one no doubt, but these things happen I guess.
  8. Which is why you might say "No worries" if they owned up to dropping your bike.

    I understand accidents.

    I hate lies.
  9. Nobodies lied yet bonk...
  10. Oh sorry

    I hate 'free secret modifications'.
  11. As Joel said, good luck.

    You may be able to get to owner to REPLACE some of the damaged items under good will, as for paying you for damage ' allegedly' done while in their possession, no chance in hell.

    This is the reason we go over any bike that comes in for work with the owner present, and notes made on any damage, which depending on the owner can take some time ](*,)

    Why do we insist the bikes are clean and take the time to go over them before they even enter the shop ?
    We had a F****it owner try to take us to court over so called damage done in our workshop. I'm not going into the details except to say that the damage was done two weeks BEFORE it was in our workshop, and had been forgotten about and covered in mud on subsequent rides [ we washed it so we could work on it ]
  12. Good point Bob. Motorcycle rental firms do the same thing and it's a top idea. I bet some customers don't even realise some of the scratches they have on their bike.

    But mine was bought new and had never seen the dirt ... yet ... I suppose it was always going to get knocked around but it got fast tracked for me :-s

    Out of all the things in my whole f*cking life, the hardest thing is to find an honest reliable and fairly priced motorcycle mechanic in Sydney !! I shit you not I'm getting paranoid about putting my bike into a workshop !!!
  13. Don't get me wrong in your case I'm not saying they didn't do it, which pisses me off because that shit affects us all :furious:

    Without pulling my own chain, I'm a silent partner and only help out when required, but I'm proud of the reputation my brother has developed over the past three years up here. Sales could be better but the repair side is booming, we have customers that will by brand specific [ loyalty ] but will bring their bikes in to Daz for all their servicing, repair and race setup work! =D> (y)
  14. If your looking for a good mechanic, honest and not going to charge you the earth....
    give Tex a ring, he is also a NR. Tex owns TJ's in Minchinbury.
  15. or try Lloyd Penn in Artarmon, great guy, knows his way around bikes and wont mess you around at all, I wouldn't take it to anyone else.
  16. +1
    I have only heard really, really, really good things about Lloyd Penn.
  17. Caz V1, waffles, Bonk, thanks for the mechanic recommendations.
    If I get a good mechanic out of this whole thing then I'll look at it as a success !!
  18. Lying by obmission...
  19. Agree, it was a "lie".
    I'd do what other people have recommended.
    (i) Photgraph the damage;
    (ii) Prepare a stat dec that lists the events
    (iii) send copies of both with a letter outling what you want (repairs) and suggesting that the owner has 7 days to either make good the damage or supply the name of his insurance co.
  20. The first step is to call the mechanic, getting a stat dec and confronting him would probably piss the guy off making him less likely to admit and pay up.

    I'd be in there with the bike approach the guy with a grim cheesed off look on your face and say something like "what the hell happened to my bike? there wasn't scratches on (list parts) when i left it here, why wasn't i informed someone damaged it when i paid?"

    And from his reply you can determine the next course of action, then going to the police of seek legal advice if you want to.