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Mechanic couldnt find the problem

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by R1_lover, Sep 5, 2005.

  1. I took my bike to Yuki in West Heidelberg to get some work done because it was dropping in revs when l pushing it around 90-100klms.

    While there l said to give it a good going over because l thought it time to get a service done

    I supplied my own oil and oil filter and he said he would try and see if he could find the reason why it was dropping in revs

    He seems like a nice guy and l have heard many good reports about him, but $300.000 later and he is not sure if he has found the problem or not seems to worry me.

    He changed the brake pads as well because he said they needed changing which is fine.

    Yuki had it there for the day, but l dont know how long he actualy worked on it, but lm suppose to pick it up tonight.

    He said he didnt take it for a test ride so l suggested it would be better if he did, and l am not knocking him in any way what so ever, but just wondering what usually happens in this situation if he couldnt find the problem.

    Surley l dont keep paying every time he checks another spot to see if thats the problem, other wise l would be constantly hading my wage over to him..lol.

    If the problem is fixed then its all good, but going by hes diagnosis, it sounds like he couldnt pin point the problem, and at the moment l feel just a little bit flat knowing lm laying out that sort of money and theres a chance l will jump on the Eastern and it will do exactly the same thing again.

    What do you guys suggest l do...some times these things are hard to handle when your female, not knowing about the mehanics of bikes.
  2. Steps darlin, steps;

    - Get a breakdown of the job:
    - It should show parts and labour
    - make sure it does not include oil and test ride
    - ask what their hourly rate is
    - $300 for a service seems VERY high since oil was not included
    - Brake pads are not that expensive for a 250.
    - Ask to see the old brake pads. If he cant produce them, then dont pay for that part of the service

    Good luck
  3. $300 doesn't sound too bad to me.

    CBR's got 2 front calipers right?

    By the time you pay for pad, you are looking at 4 hours labour. Do the service and look for the problem.

    If he is shafting you, it's not by much.

    Can you describe the problem a bit better? What revs were you doing? did it just die?

    If we can get closer to a diagnosis it migh cost you less when you go back.
  4. 4 hours labour on a 250cc bike? Sounds like quite a bit does it not?

    The GSX1400 costs a little under $300 for a service and that includes the bloody oil... all 4.5litres of it... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Brake pads for a CBR250 are in the order of $80 a set are they not?

    Although, I could be completely wrong
  5. yeah, i'd say $300 is pretty damn high too for what couldn't even be half a days work :? i've only ever had a mech look at one of my bikes, but that was $600 for a major service plus cam chain and tensioner.

    $300 to change your oil, slap in some new brake pads and tell you that the problem doesn't exist even tho he hasn't ridden it? :shock: i'm in the wrong goddamn industry eh :LOL:

    skuff mans on the money as usual, i get the impression from your story that he's playing on the "female dont know crap" angle a little :?

    oh yeah, and did he call you to tell you the pads needed changing? cos if he's just up and done them for you, thats goddamn dodge....
  6. I would have though the cbr would be more expensive then the gsx, because you have to remove and replace body panels. Add to that the search for the problem time. Capacity should have little to do with it.

    Other then volume of oil of course. (tell me about it. mines about 4.2 l too!)

    Sounds about right to me. Thats why I service my own bike.
  7. Yeah I agree with that. I had a guy machine the disc on my girlfreinds car when we were younger.

    I know it didn't need doing, but here old man just up and paid.
  8. Hey iBast

    Now that mine is out of warranty, I will be servicing my own also.

    Best way to go. Atleast you know it has been done right.
  10. Ok...first off...it happened on the Yea ride and started to drop in revs when we got past Flowerdale

    David was behind me at the time, so we stopped and he looked it over but couldnt smell anything burning and didnt seem to be anything electrical at the time. We then took off and it was as good as gold until l got about 2klms up the road and it did it again....went from about 8000rpm down to about 6000 or lower and l was in top gear.

    I dropped down in gear but didnt make any difference and l was doing about 40klms...so l backed off a bit then it came good and away l went again.

    This happened thoughout the day until got home...went ok for about 2klms then would die in the arse unless l backed off.

    If lm riding around at say 60 klms its good as gold and you wouldnt even know there was a problem but as soon as lm sitting at 100 klms it seems to do it.

    I explained exactly what was happening to Yuki and he said that he would go over it but it was hard to pin point the problem.

    No l didnt tell him to change the pads, l said it needed a good service, and even if l did ask to see my old pads ...how easy would it be to grab another old set to show me.

    I will ask for a written report on what he has done, and realise a service is not cheap, but just wanted to know if the problem is not fixed what do l do as l dont think its fair that l keep taking it back and having to pay for something that he cant pin point
  11. Is the bike under load when it does it?

    i.e. are you accelerating, or going up a hill?

    Does it hestiate when you accelerate?
  12. Is it always at the same revs?
  13. No its not under load

    Yes lm going at a steady speed and it happens whether lm on flat ground, up hill or down hill.

    And no it doesnt hesitate..its just like it starts to slow down and the revs start dropping as lm looking at it and its like it looses power, so l just back right off for a bit and it comes good again
  14. Sounds like fuel starvation to me, what do you reckon ibast?
  15. Almost sounds like a bad batch of fuel, or crap in the system? Might be worth putting a fresh tank of fuel in it and see if it comes good?
  16. Well even though l know bugger all about bikes...that is the feeling lm getting when it happens

    Yuki is very hard to understand as he is chinese, but from what l could make out he said he cleaned or checked the filter in teh fuel tank or something like that
  17. Yeah. If it was under load I would say spark. Still somethings not right.

    I'd be pulling the fuel tap out and cleaning it. It could be a bit of scum flapping around.

    Does it do it if you have the reserve tap on R1?

    The speed thing has got me a bit buggered.
  18. If it is fuel starvation it could be a number of things.
    Easy things to check are kinks in your fuel lines and yes, a clean out & change of fuel might help.

    Is your fuel pump working ok (can you hear a whirr when you turn on your ignition)? A problem with this would generally only result in loss of power above a certain rev limit though, but my guess would be that it is more fuel related than anything mechanical or electrical.

    You can never rule out electrical though.

    Still guessing, the problem might be caused by constant high revs rather than the speed...??
  19. Some other thoughts:
    - Fuel pump not keeping up with demand (although I would have thought it would splutter)
    - air filter badly needs replacing. If it's just dropping revs but not spluttering I get the impression it's air rather than fuel. did he replace or clean the air filter in the service?
    - part of the baffles in the exhaust dislocated and partially blocking air flow. Does the exhaust sound different at all?

    Also, can you replicate it by holding the throttle open while stationary?
    (great for annoying the neighbors :p )
  20. I havent tried it on reserve so not sure there

    I filled the tank twice since this has happened

    Not sure if he cleaned or replaced the air filter, l will sus that out when l see the report later today

    And when this happens it does sound different, its not a spluttering sound but sorted of sounds like a flat sound...god l am making sense aint l...lol