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Mechanic borks my bike.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by thecptn, Nov 25, 2005.

  1. Let me tell you a tale friends, once a upon a time, lived a virago, a black one for that, it was a good lil bike, I rode it with a big ole smile on me face every day, than one day, I decide, "hey lets get a major service for her" what a fantastic idea I thought, so one day, my ducati owing friend recommends me a mechanic, live and learn eh? I pick her up, pay my due and warm her lil 250 up.

    I don on my gear and I head back to my abode, than some thing does not feel right, that...intuitional feeling..yes thats the word, like when a fart is making its way around your bowels, but not quite there yet, I notice she starts to cut out as I was riding, great I thought, a few hundred meter's and it magically all goes away, hmmm I think, must of been some gunk caught some where, yet I can still feel some thing, churning away in the bowels of the v twin, I could still feel some thing out...at idle she lumped away slightly and at lower rpms.

    The next morning, I decide to kick her over for another blast all day round town, than it went all bad, my one-click-over-and-shes-started would not kick over! I tried again and again, *GASP! so I put the choke in double gasp! since it never needs choke as it always starts one go.

    Now with choke and some throttle, she kicks over, spluttering about until it evens out, than dies again! rinse and repeat this process and you get the picture, though after a good warm up it goes all good no problems, even though a few seconds into the ride she cuts out a bit like its misfiring than goes away.

    Too say the least, not happy jan, quite pissed actually, I rang em up, and they said, "sounds like your carby is fcuked" no shit sherlock, you guys fcuked it...I know they said my timing chain is worn, but she was never like this before, im gunna take her in monday, and I aint gunna pay for it, ill post some an mp3 or two tomorrow when I start to give you golden ears a bit of hear see, any advice you think could be wrong with her?

    Oh and too top it all of, the mechanic over fills my bike on oil, strangly, this "new" oil is all black and not amber coloured, and too much air presure in my tires...and drum role please!.....all for 197 dollars to change oil, plugs, and filter! oh shit! I could of done that in one hour and saved me self a bundel.

  2. Grasshopper, you have learned a valuable lesson. Mechanics are very useful when things are broken, because, well, they can't break it. When things are working, do the job yourself.

    Certain bikes were built broken, so they have to go to the mechanic even when they seem to be working. Anything with EFI falls into this category. Obviously they're not really working - if they were, they wouldn't need a mechanic, right?

    Having said all that, I know plenty of mechanics that I respect. I respect them because I explain what I think is wrong with the bike and they either say "I'll show you what's wrong, you'll be able to fix it", or they say "your bike is farqued. To fix it you'll need to split the cases, pull out the widget and get the cranse re-keckled. Do you want to have a go at it or leave it with me?". What they don't do is say "give me a bag of money" and then do a job I could easily have done.
  3. thanks for that tip, I pulled out the plugs and discovered that even though there new, a white chalkish residue has already built up the top of the electrode, not the healhy tan colour I was expecting, too lean? after abit of looking around on the net, def lean mixture, I take it a weekend mechanic like me will find it tricky to fidle with the air fuel mix?
  4. if you didn't want to have a shot at the oil and plugs, FORGET the carbs :LOL:

    white residue? dont like that at all :? i was thinkun at first that maybe the overfilled oil has been spitting up into the airbox as it tesnds to do on some bikes when they are overfull, this would make your plugs mighty oily and theres a fair chance that it'd run like a bag of viragos. but that'd leave the plugs black, not white....

    take the bike back to the mech and kick him in the nuts till he fixes it. then go and spend $100 on a cheapo toolkit and find a manual for your bike. you'll save a fortune :D
  5. Bit of an update, took her back, and they re adjusted the carb, and drained the oil to proper level, now she runs great! :D