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Meccano outfit.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Slow Coach, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. Very Cool.
  2. Awesome, i think its for his toy stories program? though i thought that got canned after its first series, bascially making real life things with toys for those that dont know it, a bridge outa meccano, house from lego, 10mi toy train track.

    Anyway, thats cool, i used to love building things out of meccano as a kid, with my dads old classic stuff and then later with the more modern french stuff. I still bust it out every now and again to make some random stuff and fill in an afternoon.
  3. I was very disappointed with the modern Meccano I had a fiddle with a few years ago. Half the models in the book were unbuildable in the form shown and the other half didn't work. And it was all very flimsy and poorly finished. Not a patch on the "real" stuff from my youth.
  4. Yeah i can imagine the english stuff was way better especially when it was fresh, my memory of it is clouded by the rust, but as a kid of the 90s french meccano is just about the best youve got when every other toy is made from plastic or semiconductors.

    As for the instructions, funny you say that, in one of mays documentaries about meccano (he has made a few i think, im a bit too much of a topgear fan to not watch just about everything any of them make) he said that the old instructions used to be slight incorrect/obtuse on purpose to force kids into more complicated problem solving.

    You can find a lot of his documentaries on youtube infact i am watching one right now. Name of the programs are james mays top toys and james mays toy stories.
  5. The classic models could certainly need a certain amount of fettling, adjustment and selective assembly to make them work properly but some of the ones in the modern book were physically impossible to actually make. I can't actually cite an example because it was a few years ago now but there were definitely a number of areas, and I solve engineering problems for a living (well, I do when I'm not unemployed anyway) so Dog knows how the average 10 year old would manage.

    Lack of operation was generally down to the feeble motor supplied. I remember when Meccano motors, both electric or the fearsome No. 1 Clockwork, would cheerfully break your fingers if you took liberties with them and thus provided a valuable educational experience. Actually, maybe that's why the current standard motor is so anaemic.
  6. As a child I had the fantastic idea of running the Ferris Wheel I had assembled from Meccano with a stationary steam engine, after a bit of work, gearing it down with a series of pulley's and giving it a helping hand to get started, it worked a treat.
    I've seen the piddly electric motor in the modern sets, there is no way it could be used to power the bike in the clip.