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Mebourne CBD Parking

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Slade, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. ok so im going to melb this weekend and need somewhere to park my bike in the melb cdb.

    Any suggestiosn as to where is a good safe spot?

    somewhere near burk st, or the train station I guess
  2. Footpath in front of where you want to go is easy. :)
  3. Unless there is a sign "Motorcycle parking here is forbidden" or whatever. Very rare but there are a couple spots in melb where you get booked if parked there (I guess). And far as I know, it's actually illegal to park under any "roofing/guard" type of thing, can't really think of a name for it. Basically the mini roofs that usually are at entrances to shopping centres and stuff.
  4. Yup i realise I can do this, but I wwould really like a good spot I can leave it for a few hours unattended if possible
  5. There's literally TONS of spots. Pick a clear spot on the pavement OR park in one of the numerous motorbike only parking spots in various spots in the city (in the middle of the roads, like where cars usually park). A few around lonsdale, exhibition, burke streers.

    Im off to bed, supposed to wake up in 5 hrs, got a bit carried away with doing some video stuff tonight. heh

  6. The bike bays in the middle of the road are pretty good. Quite a few of them around. Just take care on some of them. There is one in exhibition street that cars do U turns around and I've seen cars come very close to hitting them as they swing around.
  7. but...

    If your really worried about safety...

    Just outside a 7-11 or a shop which will be open when your not around.
    And naturally, lock it up.
  8. Mate, you're talking about Melbourne right? Not Baghdad? :LOL:

    Legally you can park anywhere on the footpath that isn't obstructing pedestrians or other traffic.

    Safely, park where there are other bikes - simple. When you get here you'll get the idea I'm sure. If you're completely paranoid about it though I'd suggest Elizabeth street as there are a lot of bike shops down there and *HEAPS* of bikes around.

    I'd also suggest a disk lock and possibly your own personal security guard. Tieing a doberman to your bike might work as a deterrant too.
  9. park near the business end of town, dont park near pubs, shopping centres or stations, you get the occasional scumbag or teenager or drunk who love to tip over bikes. i speak from experience
  10. Anywhere as has been said but I would go for a spot that has loads of bikes - safety in numbers. Flinders Lane between Queen and William has a lot of bikes and a wiiiide footpath. Make sure you lock her up as any theiving scumbag will pick the easiest take.
  11. on the topic of bike parking, Had a bizarre conversation today.
    Pulled up into one of the bike parking spots in the middle of queen st and a parking inspector walks over to me to have a chat. :shock:

    I thought maybe I had parked wrong or something...but turns out he just wanted a chat :) Must know people on bikes dont hate em as much as cagers. I told him parking tickets was a big reason I now commute on a bike and he agreed that it was fantastic for bikes in melbourne. But apparently there has been talk of canning the footpath parking and building lots more "bike only" parking zones. Acctually seemed almost human he did
  12. Nah. Cant be a real MCC ByLaws officer.

    Mind you I got pinged for proping in a loading zone last year and the female officer made the statement "Do you know you cant park here, it's illegal" to which I replied "Murder is also illegal but it still happens". The look on her face was priceless, funnily enough I still got a ticket :roll:
  13. ok thanks all
    I need to goto flinders street, so I guess i'll park up near bourke st, or somewhere ive seen bikesbefore, see how I go
  14. just park it right out side where you want to go
  15. Echo echo echo.. Is this a cave? As the first post asking where to park their bike was followed by

    Repeat Repeat, I can't hear you..

    :wink: :LOL: :LOL: :cool:
  16. y not out the front of bear brass where cofee goes down? it would take balls to steal from here
  17. Just park it right out side, in front of where you want to go, like on a footpath, that would be easy.
  18. Somewhere thats away from stupid pplz or drunks.... never a time there i dont see drunks :p
  19. or you could park it, with v. little feul, turn the tap off, lie it on its side (on a pillow or grass) that way no-one will be able to tip it over... I love naked bikes
  20. What bike is it, must be pretty nice :) You could always part it in a Kings parking or something like that. 333 Collins street has parking bay's underground (Entrance at the rear) and they charge 2$ for bikes.

    I park there nearly everyday of my working life and it's one of the more prestigous/better carparks.

    Another one near bourke street is RACV carpark. Don't know if they charge for bikes there.

    Good luck,