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meanwhile: somewhere in japan...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by twainharte, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. apparently kangaroos run...

  2. Looks like those two blokes are carrying dinner.....
  3. That's nothing. Until a few years ago, an area in the UK had a thriving colony of wallabies living in the wild. Pretty bloody freaky when you're on a lonely moorland road in the misty dawn, after too much caffeine and not enough sleep, when one of the buggers bounces across the bitumen in front of you :shock:.
  4. Roo tail soup, Delicious,
    Roo steak, Delicious,
    Roo on spit, Delicious,
    Roo Hungie, Delicious,
  5. Chuck some whale on it for a complete meal
  6. Roo sausages, Revolting, for some peculiar reason.

    Surprised me quite a lot.
  7. There's not enough fat in roo meat to make a decent snag.
  8. I suspected that that might be the case.
  9. Doing roo the same way you do braised steak and onions... omgdrool.
  10. ..what's that Skip??... no one is going to tie this kangaroo down sport!!..... :LOL:
  11. Roo sausages are bad, and because they have much less fat content then other meats, you have too not cook too long as it goes hard and dry and horrible
  12. if it was born in captivity and was'nt raised with other roos, it probably never learnt how to hop.
    ... and just mimicked it's human carers instead.

    ... that's makes sense yes i think so 8-[

    i probably should'nt answer any more posts today :bolt:
  13. Best story I've heard today. For some reason, one always thinks of feral animals as imported. Nice to know we have our own for export too:

    Don't mess with the roos, man!
    Here's the story for the pic.
  14. Roo leather, Delightfully protective and light,
    Roo bones, Uhhh... Dainty jewellery?

    See? Every part of a kangaroo is great for whatever it's use is :p.