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...meanwhile in Sydney

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chef, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. Take one of these...


    Some of these...


    ...and one of these...


    ...and make this!!!


    400+ horsepowers of wet ya pants goodness...
    ...or if you prefer, a power to weight ratio of what da fuck was i thinking???


    ...enjoy :)
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  2. .....and then then cops arrive. The media picks up on the story and the incident appears on the current affairs TV circuit and newspapers. The government says that it will look into motorcycle safety.......and then we get threads on forums wondering why we get picked on.
  3. N20 AND turbro?

    can't imagine it would ever actually get traction to cause problems for the mad bastard holding the keys
  4. Mick's a glorious, jovial mad bastard. He can ride too.

    Can't wait to see the next project.
  5. It was on ebay a while ago, they were asking some ridiculous amount.
  6. I'm his newest fan. Do you have links to anything else he's done? That's the only thread he's started on ADV.

    Could easily be the world record holder of 'quickest tyre pop' with that weapon.
  7. I'll PM you where you can find him on FB.
  8. Just read the write up,,, What a headcase,,,,,Brilliant! (y)
    (but waaay too much money/time in/on his hands! :rofl:)
  9. hmm, I wonder how hard it would be to put a pull through system on a gpx...
  10. Oh, a professional nutter. Outstanding.