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...meanwhile in America

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chef, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. If a LEO rear ends you he will charge you with assaulting a Police officer, thus sticking it in your backside twice.


    Bizarre Hermosa Cop vs. Motorist Case Crumbles


    EDIT: sauce... http://www.laweekly.com/2012-03-22/news/hermosa-cop-rear-end-nightmare/

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  2. Isn't the LA police force privately operated?
  3. Obviously there needs to be a serious clean-up in the HR Department of L.A. Police....
  4. Can anyone think of a way to get the motorcycle like that from behind the car by accident?

    It looks like you'd have to be the world's most incompetent rider or take no evasive action whatsoever. Or do it deliberately.

    Either way - the cop looks like the perfect candidate for appearing the in TAC's next antimotorcycling ad.
  5. Holy shit.. fraud fraud and more fraud, obviously the "cop" has issues.
    I wonder if hes going to go to jail
  6. So Chef, who should we support? the motorcyclyst or the cager?...........
  7. *sigh*

    The order goes;

    You figure it out.
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  8. But what if it's a Muppet Cop on a bike? (who has serious issues)
  9. Not surprising of the police in the US. My dad was driving along at night returning from work when a cop car (no sirens or anything) came flying down a tight turn, lost control and slammed into dad's car. According to dad, at first the copper came out and was very very apologetic and was very concerned about dad's safety. When a second police car came at the scene the two coppers had a quiet chat and then they suddenly pounced on dad accusing him of dangerous driving and what not. My poor father was so rattled that he ended up coping fines and paying for the cop cars damages!! Poor guy is still paying them off!! This was is Texas about a year ago!!
  10. Add them together bro
  11. That's just proper ****ed.
  12. Also not uncommon - collusion and corruption have been going on here for years too, particularly around the drug trade.
    Slightly O/T sorry, but don't kid yourself that getting stitched up by the coppers is a US thing - it's just called getting "verballed" here...
  13. I'd like to think the frequency with which it happens is getting less, but it sure as hell happens. I'm not seeing it as often as I once did, but then I'm not getting into the sort of situations where it happens as often either. Goes with getting older.

    I'm glad to see that the younger generation are at least getting a fair and measured warning about this kind of thing.

  14. There is a certain lesson to learn here about driving convertables... 1st world problems, what can you do?
  15. See it all the time at work... they produce an exaggerated and substantially bullshit set of facts and hope they will just plead guilty to get it over and done with... Try to chase them up for any actual evidence and they've lost the notebooks for that day etc etc...
  16. Sigh, The Police would never do that, They are so Rightous. They never Lie,

    What a load of Fucking Bullshit,

    That happens so much more that you would believe, And it does happen here.

    The problem is that it is out of the reach of normal working people to fight these False charges, And the cops know it,

    Usually people just pay the fine, Even tho that is crippling to most familys. Financially,

    $300 odd fine against 2 to 10 Grand ( or above) in court and Lawyers costs, Just pay the Fucking fine, And have it over with.
  17. And it seems that every week the government is giving them more power and at the same time making the seperation of Police and state ever greyer.
  18. Yep. Anyone who has ever had any experience of the NSW police will be able to attest to what lying, perjuring, vindictive, malicious, power tripping assholes they are. IMO, the NSW police are little more than a taxpayer funded, armed criminal gang.
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