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Meanwhile, back at the BMW Owners Club Meeting

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by rc36, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. The real reason Paris lost the 2012 Olympics - the planned introduction of synchronised crashing as a demonstration sport just never caught on... :LOL:
  2. Reminds me of the photo of a Victoria Police motorcycle cop who did a bit of a burnout on his Beemer, only to nearly lose it big time.

    Pic was of hime trying to stop the bike going over, with a few spectators, cans in hands, smokes in mouths trying to push it back up....

    Happened at one of the AGPs at PI..
  3. Wasn't there another post not long ago about these police being the best bike police in the world, best trained, yadda yadda.

    Here tis:

    They don't look so hot now, do they?

    That lady on the left "Hey Officer, that really was a gun in your pocket!"

    It's laugh at a unfortunate fallen beemer day is it?

    Alright, get your jollies. You won't see many of them. (I'll keep out of sight)

    Next time I ride past you, I won't wave, just for that. HRRmmmph. So there!!!!
  6. Harleys that fall over don't count..
  7. Homer: It's funny because it's happening to someone else! :D