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Meanwhile, back at Netrider HQ

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by rc36, Aug 20, 2005.

  1. Looks like the office I work in on a good day.
  2. Boom-tish! ;)
  3. That reminds me of that infinate number of monkeys joke..

    If an infinate number of monkeys bash away at an infinate number of typewriters over an infinate period, they will eventually type out the complete works of william shakespear.!
  4. And that reminds me of another one..
    If an infinate number of hillbillies in an infinate number of pickup trucks shoot at an infinate number of road signs, one of them will eventually shoot the complete works of william shakespear in braille..!
  5. ...Poncho disguised as a door - had his knob shot off.

    Sorry, couldn't resist it, line from an old TISM song.
  6. it reminds me wen i go into wrk and c all the senior staff
  7. The worry is, they all look HAPPY!!!
  8. I was hoping that some Melbournites might be able to identify some of the HQ staff!!