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Meant to be

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Demaros, Aug 2, 2005.

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  2. that front brake is gonna chew through brake pads like crazy!!!
  3. Not my cup of tea, I'm afraid.
  4. Buell? don't do it man!!! :shock: :LOL:
  5. it's 950cc overweight for you :wink: :p one day though, one day...
  6. lol iwas talking about the fateful day that i can actually ride something with actual power
  7. I know everything, what in particular did you want to know?

    disclaimer: I know nothing
  8. i like em, they're different, and apparently barrels of fun :D

    BUT, your gunna change your mind so much in the next few months that it would suprise me if you didn't end up upgrading to something at a completely different end of the scale. tastes change as you ride and so does your style and priorities, you might even decide that a goldwing is what you really want next, but i doubt it :LOL:
  9. ... and you're looking at a Harley??

    I like what Buell are doing, but there's no way I could live with that engine.

    Nooooooooo way...
  10. heres the funny thing, your gunna SHIT BRICKS when you first get out there on a 250 :LOL: wait till the 250 is bering (or at least till you have one :LOL: ) before worry about the upgrade, you still got a long way to go :wink:
  11. yea i understand that.
    could someone tell me the pros and cons of the bike??
  12. This is more like it XB12S or maybe this CityX and esp for Mouth, this
  13. you prefer the german oggy knobs :?:

    :p :LOL: i used it marty, still just as funny today too :wink:
  14. ohhh i really like the look of the Buell Lightning CityX XB9SX, pity i no nothing about wat really makes a good bike lol
  15. Pros:

    Mean and Nasty
    Handles pretty good
    Has no messy chain
    Innovative design with impressive attention to detail

    Ancient engine (feel the vibe baby)
    Gearbox has been poor to-date (they might have improved it for 2006)
    Has no messy chain (which creates its own issues)
    No cup-holder as standard
  16. pro - different, like really different. like, EVERYONE will look at you, even the duke riders
    con - different, like really different. like, EVERYONE will look at you, even the duke riders

    nar, short wheelbase, low height, great torque (dont start the V2/I4 thing Ibast :wink: ), comfy postion. its a wheelie/twistie machine with no intention at all of being a racer. never ridden one, but its on my to do list, soon as i can find someone willing to lend a $12000 bike to a coconut :?
  17. It'd be a beggar to clean!!
  18. Oh, go and buy something I can poke fun at! :(

    (And, it's Bavarian, if you don't mind.)
  19. i've got TWO kawasuckies...... shame coco, shame :LOL:
  20. Reliability was an issue, but they're a fairly fast moving company and seem to be getting on top of that.
    They also had problems with quality control, but again, they're a fairly fast moving...etc.