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meaning of that Afternoon Delight song ???

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. I know NR is also a great source of muso's and music trivia !

    Now that Afternoon Delight song by Starland Vocal Band, whats the meaning behind the song ??? . . . . you know how it goes . .skyrocket in flight ---- Afternoon Delight ! . . heeeeyyy Afternoon Delight !

    Its stuck in my head, and someone here at work claims it has rude cannotations. Anyone care to share what the song alludes to ?

    Is it similar to Turning Japanese by The Vapours ??? :grin:
  2. this has anything to do with "afternoon delight" that Ron Burgandy sings in Anchorman? then yeah, connotations aplenty :p
  3. My motto's always been; when it's right, it's right.
    Why wait until the middle of a cold dark night.
    When everything's a little clearer in the light of day.
    And you know the night is always gonna be there any way...

    I think it may involve "adult themes" :wink:
  4. Don't know all the words ,but sounds like it has a happy ending :LOL:
  5. there is a sound clip on this link !

    its kind a catchy !
  6. It's about a bloke coming home from work and making love to his woman. :grin:

    And anyone who thinks that's rude is a repressed fool who needs psychiatric help :evil:
  7. I always thought it was meaningless dribble?
  8. MICKY!!!!!!
    I came here to get away from your FB status and you posted a thread about it??!!?? :twisted:
  9. oooh lol anyone seen the afternoon delight arrested development episode??
  10. What about the meaning of "Turning Japanese" by The Vapours.

  11. yeah whats going on there ?.
  12. It's about the face a male pulls during sexual climax. In this case, the song make references to masturbation.
  13. How to describe without being too rude?

    "Turning Japanese" is supposedly the facial expression you make when your jerk'n the gerkin. When you listen to the song it all start to make sense. "I want the doctor, to take your picture, so I can look at you from inside as well"

    I've always liked the song but did not have a clue what it was about before someone told me. Quite a shocker really!
  14. The Jackson Browne song, "Rosie" is about polishing your own helmet, also.
    These musos must do a bit of it. Not game to ask Edgelette or Loz. I mightn't like the answer.

    Micky, as to your original post, I don't believe for a moment, that you are as innocent as you make out.
  15. I'm with dave mate, I've always thought the song is meaningless dribble !
    Almost as meaningless as I am the Walrus by the Beatles !!! :grin:
    ko-ko-koo-choooo !

    Going to try and get that stuck in Deb's head tomorrow !
    ko-ko-kooo-choooo !
  16. Still learning something new every day!

  17. In the words of Glenn Quagmire, "giggity, giggity, goo"

  18. There are probably hidden meanings behind some of the Wiggles songs that will blow everyone away!
  19. Anyone here remember Captain Pugwash?
  20. why thanks