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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by uncle greg, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. happy birthday aint i sad

  2. Happy Birthday Greg, and best wishes for a great day!
  3. going to supers and its raining
  4. happy birthday gregdude
  5. thanks guys
  6. happy birthday!!
  7. Its a Sunday, you're going for a ride on your birthday...

    Yes, you're a bit sad to be on here posting. ;) But I'm sure your day is about to improve.

    Happy birthday
  8. not if this rain keeps up
  9. a commonly-quoted acronym springs to mind.....
  10. and wots that paul?
  11. sorry, I was being silly, I don't know what came over me ........
  12. presents 1 metrosexual jumper+shirt 1 national geographic and a bag of double salt dutch licorice do they realy know me or care?
  13. happy birthday.
  14. Sounds like they do, Greg. :D
  15. :D maybe i got your presents brm
  16. if its the one with the naked pygmies, I'd like it back thanks.
  17. :nopity: imkeeping it mate
  18. Yeah so what happened to the automatic birthday threads anyway? Looks like they were going earlier this month....

    Happy Birthday for Sunday Greg!! Great day to be born (I should know ;))... I got a pretty decent present this year too... my wife went into labour! :D She held on though, and as of yesterday we now have 2 late-Feb birthdays in the fam.