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Me watching road rage, bike styles

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by smiley235, May 16, 2007.

  1. I was sitting in my cager at some red lights at the corner of bulleen rd and manningham rd. The other lane had right turners who were passing in front of me. First off was a guy on a green bike who had obviously had some altercation with some1 else on the road. Now heres the part I can't understand, as I have trouble even turning, lol. As he was turning, he was yelling at a car going straight and holding onto the bike with one hand whilst using his other hand to give the finger. Then was shaking his head as he completed his turn. The thought of turning with one hand gives me shivers. Don't suppose it was anyone on this site?

  2. Errr.. what? Turning with one hand is not difficult or dangerous if you've been riding for more than a minute or two :p
  3. nup my bikes black :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w :-w
  4. Wasn't me but I'm very familiar with that intersection. I'm not sure which section of the road you were in, but that dual lane right hand turn into Bulleen Road from Manningham Road is a shocker - traffic banks right up and people act like idiots there, cutting people off, trying to force their way into the right turn lane from the other lane cause they aren't patient enough to wait in the queue of people banked up waiting to get into the right turn lanes. I'm not surprised he was giving someone the finger, no doubt he was cut off or something. It's a shocker on the bike. And yes, its not hard to give the finger and turn at the same time - god knows I've done it on occasion!!! :evil:
  5. haha, i've got a lot of practise to do then. :) And yeh, he was in the left side of the double right lane. I was in the right line of bulleen rd pointing towards templestowe. With that intersection, I stay in the middle lane cause the right lane gets banked ages away, if safe, I get into the right lane closer or if it aint safe, I just keep going straight and turn down backstreets to get to my house.
  6. yeah, one handed is nothing, the skill is no hands
  7. I steer with my penis. It always goes left.
  8. lol, good call, try changing gears with it too.
  9. Yeah when paul and I were coming back up from canberra I put the throttle lock on and practiced my hello kitty waves :biker:
  10. my idiot brother does the whole standing up on the bike going around not too hard corners. hes promised me his tv once he's dead
  11. Obviously, left hand gesturing is easier than right hand gesturing, handy for both the F&^% you single & dual digits, rock horns when another rider has a fantastic bike / does a wheelie, as well as my favorite - slapping my own arse.
    NOthing like having someone try to cut you off (you know the type, "wait your turn") whilst splitting and being able to get in front and slap own arse "giddyup Bikey" :LOL: :LOL:
  12. I work with a guy who would be glad to do this for you. :LOL:

    Unfortunately I'm left handed so it makes gesticulating difficult without getting the wobbles or throttling off.
  13. Without even seeing my arse???!!!! :LOL: