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Me VS Red Commodores at Roundabouts

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Nicarus, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. It seems I am developing a knack for incidents with red Commodores near roundabouts.

    My first drop was a result of a poorly executed braking attempt at a roundabout when said red Commodore decided at the last minute they weren't going to go through (I had only been riding for 4 days at this point).

    My next incident transpired just this morning when I was filtering at a set of lights approaching a roundabout not far from my house. As the lights went green and I wasn't at the front, I merged into a large gap in front of another red Commodore, obviously bothering them somewhat. They proceeded to follow me as closely as possible, driving so close behind me when we came to a short stop that they were almost touching my tyre. Then as we approached the roundabout, they raced up beside me and I started to hear some muffled voices coming from somewhere. A quick look to my left showed a woman in her early 40's leaning out the driver's window, abusing me like a demon.

    Although her children were in the car (she must have been taking them to school), she sure didn't hold back. I'm not sure how she kept driving, as she did nothing but look and scream at me, even making use of her hands in some crude form of communication. I dropped back in speed so that I was no longer next to her car, thinking that there was a chance she was so furious she would actually run into me. She continued screaming while making her left turn while I went straight - I am unsure how the rest of her trip went but here's hoping that it involved a tree.

    Never has there been an over-reaction of this magnitude since *********. I had heard of situations like this happening, but I had no idea that as simple an action as merging in front of someone when there was more than sufficient room (as in a Hummer could have fit in that gap) could result in someone exploding like that. If she could have seen how hard I was laughing under my helmet, she probably would have stabbed me.

    Welcome to the world of riding?
  2. She was probably just trying to tell you what a lovely bike you have. You should have just smiled and waved.
  3. you should avoid 2 things..
    1. red commodores
    2. roundabouts.

    and oh.. Riding a bike is dangerous, why the hell would you want to do that..?
  4. Haha, the ultimate comeback to a furious motorist. P*ss them off even more, then get the f*ck outta there, quick! :LOL:

    This incident wasn't near Beenleigh again, was it??? :wink:
  5. I did - I don't think it helped :p.
  6. You need to get yourself an angry sounding green bike.
    :p I pull in front into gaps as you described all the time and have never encountered such an incident. Most of the time cars move out of the way even if I'm not attempting to pass them. I will be extra careful if it's a red commodore :LOL:
  7. Well, you did the right thing...kept your cool and kept your head in riding your ride.
    Well done!....and think what everyone else at the corner saw....some silly-arse mouthing off at some poor biker for no apparant reason. :LOL:
    You win. :grin:
  8. i think i know what was up. she saw you, presumably single, and thought what coulda been. she then glanced at her rear view that is her reality and just snapped at the unsuspecting soul that was you.

    all i got to say is: sux to be her!
  9. :rofl:

    twainharte - you never fail to crack me up :p.

    Thanks for the responses guys - I'm hoping it's a while before I encounter such a banshee again.
  10. Sorry John but fcuk THAT

    The last time somebody did that I didn't get angry, I just followed them home at a distance, stopped at the bottom of their driveway and gave em a friendly rev and a wave...or you pretend to scribble something down and then piss off...freaks em out a treat!
  11. Their so amazed that anybody would buy a bike that colour they just don't know what to do :p

    just kidding! :grin:
  12. .
    What?? :p
  13. I would have went right up to her window and gave a couple of deep revs.

    She would have been to busy choking on your dust to keep up the abuse :grin:
  14. Absolutely sure you didn't cut them off? You said there was space, sure theres always space, but did they have to slam on the brakes for you, or were they just overreacting dickheads?

    I went to overtake someone, I quickly checked that there was room for me to go in, there was, but the car was accelerating hard, something which I noticed, but merged anyway as I figured I'd just accelerate hard too.

    Then I shat myself as I realised I was in the mazda shitbox instead of the bike, and it takes years to accelerate - I'm sure the guy had to hit his brakes, and he seemed pretty annoyed as he was tailgating a bit, so I overtook and got back into the left lane as fast as I could (which was pretty slow, due to said mazda).
  15. He's on a ZZR 250. Perhaps a couple of high whines instead! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. Positive. The traffic had only just started to flow, so the car in front was moving but she hadn't even taken off yet.

    As for giving her a couple of deep revs, cookee got it in one :p.
  17. Oh come on no one has even suggested the usual...

    PMT! :rofl:

    She could of course have just lost her lippy under the seat.

    Perhaps she was just an old fashioned git!

    Well done for keepin ya cool and staying safe. I always try and enjoy the view from the moral high ground.
    Until Mrs MM belts me for being sexist. :grin:
  18. Good thing my current Comode is silver then.

    I was thinking about getting a red on when I replace this one sometime soon but perhaps I should reconsider :LOL:
  19. I like it. I think I'm going to print up some creepy-ass calling cards to leave under people's wipers after I've followed their car home. A bunch of cards with different short phrases on them, calculated to induce fear.