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Me, versus zombies.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Rolkus, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. Not bike related.

    But with a few mates I went to irlshooter.com in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne.

    Took my GoPro and attached it to the gun. And this is the result:

    Very fun, very awesome. Very worth it.
  2. That looks farking awesome....

    I've got a Bucks to plan soon - might look into this.....any info Mike?
  3. holy shit !

    glad you're ok.
  4. Wow. That looks incredible - what an awesome idea. I'm blown away by the effort they've put into building the arena too! Wonder if they'll ever open one in Sydney - otherwise I'd seriously consider a trip to Melbourne just for that.

    You should totally submit that video for GoPro's "video of the day" thing btw...

  5. are you allowed to bring your own blades ?
  6. irlshooter.com is the website. They're located in Broadmeadows in an old factory. They are planning to set up 'Episode 2' of sorts and change some things up.

    At $180 a head, I personally think it's worth it to keep it around, very different to anything else out there.

    Tis an old name I used to go by lol.

    Fraid not. There's strictly no touching or interacting with the zombies based on the fact that they have sensors on them that affect your 'health' level (displayed on the heavy ass guns) and it slowly depletes your heath if you're within 3M of one.
  7. I went a few months back and man... It was fun! Worth every cent.
  8. That looked awesome great vid BTW
  9. Yeah I went in November and quite enjoyed it. Although I was a bit disappointed about the gun...no recoil and sound level was too low. Their prototype gun was excellent and if they can get the gun similar to that of the prototype, I would definitely go again. The gun we used was a full scale one and had a similar weight to the original M4 carbine...3kg or something. Heavy thing to lug around! To add to that, the health system was odd and we kept getting damaged from nothing which was annoying. Besides those little things, the rest was fantastic. The cast and the layout was great!

    This was our group...just because we like dress ups. WP_000700.
  10. It felt a lot heavier than an M4 to me! And you're right - the sound was pissy and the lack of recoil was crap. But ah we'll.
  11. Well from their stats, it was supposed to weigh 3kg and from wiki, a M4 with 30 rounds weights 3.1kg. Either way, it was heavy to lug around!
  12. Nah, I'd much rather lug around the M4 I fired than the IRL shooter rifle! Felt a LOT heavier to me.
  13. I'd imagine the knowledge that it's real adds the the psychological perception of the gun's weight.
  14. Maybe? But I've spent quite a lot of time around firearms. Certainly felt very heavy - heavier than my Remington 700 with a heavy barrel and gigantic optic and bipod on it.