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ME TOO! :-( poor ettiquite, also forgot to say hello first!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by blacknblue, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. Hi All, appologies first up for appalling show of ettiquite on my part! :(

    Have posted at least seven times in past few days, before finding this 'bit' of NR ... sorreee! :roll:

    Will say though, have already learned heaps in past few days since joining NR! :grin: which obviously is a good thing when you're brand new :p

    Melbourne, 47, just got my "L"s a few days ago, riding my guy's ZZR250 part-time (until he gets his new bike in May 09), already have a disdain for any women's gear that's got pink or baby blue on it , have already picked my next bike for when I get off restricted Feb 2010 ... OMG! that's nearly two birthdays away yet!! :cry: ... and already having heaps of fun! :grin:

    That's what life's about isn't it? Having heaps of fun??

    Best regards to All! :)
  2. Welcome, We'll forgive you for not saying hello first.. :) Lost of Melbourne riders. Get along to a ride and meet the folks.
  3. Hiya BnB,

    Welcome! -

    BTW - what bike do you think you'll be riding?
    And why will it be in 2 years
    Isn't the restriction period for only 12 months (once on P's)?

    I'll have to assume you're planning on staying on your L's for a little while then?

    Which is certainly by no means, necessarily a bad thing.

  4. Gav and Chris, thanks for the welcome and forgiving the lack of manners :)
    Fully intend to get along to a Tuesday night ride, from what I've read about it, sounds just like what I need: friendly helpful people :)

    I've just got my "L"s, Wed this week, so I'll definitely be going for my P's in Feb, then it's another 12 months restricted as you say ... well, there's definitely one birthday during that 15 months, and the 2nd birthday is so close it may as well be counted in there too! :p

    Next bike? Well, currently the "flavour of the month" is SO just a dream for now and, perhaps it might change closer to "THE DATE" ... but for now, I'm reeeeelly liking the sleek look of the Blackbird, in blue please ... sigh! :p

    I've got the stat sheet, of which the only thing that makes sense currently is it's dry weight ... sheeeeesh! Hehe!

    I rode my guy's ZZR 250 today for the first time (it will be my bike in May, when he comes off restricted) and intially it's weight had me freaked momentarily, but so did the "school bike" in my Learners classes ... which wore off after 30 secs :p and then had fun :grin:

    So come time for the Blackbird (or which ever bike it is I decide on), I'm thinking (naively???) that getting used to the new bike's weight will likely be a concern ... momentarily :)

    I know of lady riders who've ridden Blackbirds and loved them, so that's given me a bit of confidence too :)
  5. Hi and welcome to NR.
  6. Re: ME TOO! :-( poor ettiquite, also forgot to say hello fir

    Welcome to NR BnB. Know what you mean about the coloured gear. I don't want to look great, I want to feel safe. Me thinks this gear for the BF's arm candy???

    Yes, it is a buzz riding the "iron steeds" isn't it. I enjoy every moment when I get out there.

    NR forums provide many tips from very experienced riders. They are truly a terrific bunch and willing to help from the get go.

    Safe & Happy riding ...