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Me..the bike..the rd...for two weeks - (Photos added)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by I Adore Vic, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. http://www.netrider.net.au/Portals/0/images/forums/2007-12/Mt%20Wilson%20Cathedral%20of%20ferns%20reserve%200708.JPG
    (Photo above: Cathedral of ferns reserve - Mt Wilson (Blue mtns))

    Quite often during this trip I would be chatting with others - be they fellow bikers, people in general or in one particular case a highway patrol cop. Many of these people were amazed that I was doing such a big trip on my own. And on a 250 to boot. They used words such as 'amazing' and 'adventurous' which kind of embarrassed me as I never and still don't see what I did as being either. I had a bike. I had two weeks. Simple. My response to their comments was just as simple. "It's good medicine". And then I'd smile and be on my way to wherever...to forget about life for a while.

    I had that line in my mind for much of the trip. To forget about life for a while. I couldn't for the life of me remember what song it came from so couldn't actually sing it any further. Now I know (thanks to Google) that it's from The Piano Man. Doh. Anyway, that was my only plan for this trip - I knew not what rds I'd take...where I'd end up each night...all I knew was that I was going to do my utmost to forget about life for a while.

    Good medicine indeed. :)

    Xmas day - The two youngest head off to their Dads. Oldest is staying here. I pack. I clean the house in case the Real Estate Agent wants to bring potential buyers through. It's the early hrs of the morning that I finally get to bed. Wake about 3am after only a couple of hrs sleep. Coffee. Find some more stuff to clean. Tell oldest I love her and tell her that she better keep the house clean. Go.

    Day 1 - PI - Bombala.

    There's a fair bit of holiday traffic heading onto the island as I'm heading off. I'm glad I'm not going to be here for the madness. I'm feeling weird. Like I'm having a hard time believing it's finally here - my trip away has finally begun and it wont be until I'm at Cann River that it starts to sink in. Until then though I have a few kms to do and I do them feeling pretty shiteful. Should've got more sleep. Lunch at Lakes consists of a very strong cup of coffee. Trip seems to be taking forever. Stop for a photo at the 'Welcome to NSW' sign on the Monaro...


    ....and still not sure what I'm gonna do (stop at Bombala or head as far up the coast as I can get before I feel too shiteful)...it is not till I'm in Bombala and riding out the other side that I suddenly turn into the caravan park. WTF. I'm going to bed. Set tent up and sleep. Wake around tea time. Hungry. Feeling better. Ride into town. Two pubs open..neither serving food cos it's Boxing Day and their cooks are on holiday or they got no food. Everything else in town is shut. My only other option is Delegate - 30 something kms away and even then I'm not sure what's in Delegate. WTF. I ride to Delegate via a somewhat nice rd at a somewhat fast pace...as fast ast he VTR250 will allow anyway ;-) Pubs there and it's open and it's selling food. Wolf down a steak sandwich and scull a glass of coke because I realise it's getting dark and I've got my tinted visor on. Back on bike and another fast trip back to Bombala. Sit beside tent drinking a couple of bundys. Fall asleep listening to fav tunes on my ipod.

    Hey guys - I've got photos but need to get them developed/put on disc. Will do so tomorrow and post them up along with the rest of this ride report. Hope I haven't bored anyone with my report so far - doesn't really say much about the trip so far, but I'm getting there. :)[/img]
  2. Day 2 - Bombala - Bemboka - Nowra - MossVale - Picton - Windsor - Wisemans Ferry

    Up early. Pack tent up. Load everything on bike. Head to Bemboke via Brown mtn. This rd is absolutely awesome and for some weird reason I encounter very little traffic on the way. Stop at Bemboka for a cold drink (tis rather warm) and chat wiht a couple of other bikers for a while. They're from Sydney heading down to Lorne for the music festival. They check my chain for me - I'm para about it being too tight - and tell me it's fine. I learn a cop pulled a biker up on this rd about 20 mins earlier. Double demerits. He got done for 3 x 2 points. Not a happy fellow apparently. Don't blame him. Get back on bike and try to stay within lawful speed limits which isn't too hard to do on that rd for me anyway. lol.

    (Me at Bemboka - photo taken courtesy of the visor washer man..)

    The next part of this trip is boring - coast all the way up to Nowra. Here I turn off for Moss Vale as this particular rd is highlighted in the Motorcycling Atlas. It turns out to be one hell of a tight twisty ride but unfortunately for me it starts to pour down and the rd is very slippery and wet and I'm having trouble relaxing and getting into any kind of a flow. Kinda glad when I get to the end of it I turn off for Picton - Penrith via Warragamba - Windsor - via a back way as I'm loathe to take any sort of hwy.

    It's getting on in the afternoon and I start to wonder where I'll stay that night. At Windsor I stop to check the map and seeing tent symbols around a place called Cattai NP I head there. No campground can be found though so I continue on to Wisemans Ferry - a sterling choice! The road there is entertaining. The rain has gone. A caravan park is found. I set up camp and head into town to find food. The RSL is the only thing open but I'm informed that they stopped taking order 20 mins ago. Not even a pleading smile will soften the cooks heart. I buy the last pie in the the warmer and a kilogram of fresh prawns (they only sold them in kg bags!) and head back to campsite. Sit beside tent eating prawns and drinking bundy. A girl from a family camped nearby rides over on her pushbike and asks a million questions about my bike until her Dad growls at her to stop bothering me. I tell him she's not. :) Before she goes I tell her she'll have to get one herself one day and she says that her Dad wouldn't let her and I just grin that 'so?' grin.
  3. Day 3: Wisemans Ferry - Windsor (via a ferry trip!) - Singleton (via Putty rd) - Gresford - Dungog - Gloucestor - Walcha (Via Thunderbolts way)

    Up early and head back to Windsor via a different rd. Am riding along quite happily then come around a bend only to be met with a line of traffic and a river and a ferry. I ask the ferryman where the ferry will take me and he points to the other side of the river and says 'Over there'. Well duh. I meant where the hell will I be when I get to the other side of the river. Some rd that'll take me to Windsor apparently. Cool. Ferry crossing is fun. Short..too short to get camera out in time..but fun. :)

    I spend little time in Windsor. Have a dislike of populated areas and head with some trepidation up Putty rd. I've heard quite a few reports int he past of people coming down on this rd and I'm just not sure what to expect. As usual I take it at a pace I'm happy with and end up having an absolute blast. Technique is worked on - loose arms and relaxed grip on bars mainly, but I'm also playing around with bum weight and body position. I stop in Singleton for coffee and cake and then consult map and locals for what route to take to get to Thunderbolts way. I mention the Singleton to Gresford to Dungog route (work this out via the map) but they say I'm better off stickin to the hwy to Raymond Terrace and then up from there as the Gresford/Dungog way is too rough and bumpy and could be quite dangerous on a bike.

    I say cheers and head for Gresford. lol.

    (Photo above: somewhere between Singleton and Gloucestor..can't remember)

    Yep it's a rough and bumpy trip but this is the perfect opportunity for me to put into practice the whole riding with loose grip on bars/relaxed arms etc. There's a few 'oh shit' moments but I trust the bike (what choice do I have going around a bend only to be met with an uneven surface!) and get through it all alive and unharmed with a grin from ear to ear.

    Onto Bucketts way (is that what it's called???) and then from there it's more bumps up to Gloucester. Here I stop for fuel and chat with another biker. He's an older guy who uses words such as amazing and adventurous and I tell him it's good medicine and we do the road together all the way to Walcha. His name was Tony and if you're reading this Tony I've gotta say that I've never ridden with a more relaxed smooth rider ever. Tony used to race wtih guys such as Wayne Gardener and now spends much time on dirt bikes/motocross. His style is mesmerizing...I see it as a lesson and copy his lines..studying his body positions through various corners. He made it look so easy whilst I behind was working my arse off. We say cheers at Walcha where I set up camp at the local caravan park. Tea is shit food from the local takeaway. I eat it whilst flicking away earwigs..there's heaps of them here and I don't like them and their pincers. Never have. Go to bed knowing that tomorrow I have another day riding ahead of me and the first rd on the menu is the Oxley.
  4. Loving the updates :grin: :grin:

    and re your "good medicine" line........it is !! there is nothing like heading out on the bike for a week or so to get your head space back to where it should be.

    cant wait for the Oxley write up :grin: :grin:
  5. Hi Rosie

    I truly enjoy reading your write ups. You have a very relaxed and entertaining writing style. It is great to see/read about someone following their passion and, as you say, forgetting about life for awhile.

    The cool thing (and you have probably realised this) your rides are a fabulous part of your life that energises you to deal with whatever else comes up! (ok off my soap box now!)

    Anyway, thanks for the write up!

  6. :) Thanks for sharing... Come next uni holidays I hope to go adventuring south!
  7. That's a really cool write up :)

    Sounds like you're having lots of fun... we rode up to Wiseman's Ferry last Thursday, we did around 250kms (which was quite a fair bit for me) and I found it a bit hard not to grip tight on the handle bars.

    Good on you for going out on this big adventure!

  8. Re: Me..the bike..the rd...for two weeks

    Oh yeah.

    In the words of Pauline Hanson,, "Please explain" :LOL:
  9. Cool very jealous!
  10. +1 very jealous
  11. Hiya Rosie.
    Must say, I love your ride reports of your trips up north. Will be following the map closely as I'm planning a monster trip a little further than Brisbane in mid May on my own baby vtr.
    So, will probably follow your path til Brissie.
    Keep on clocking up those K's, girl.
    Cause the vtr's lovem. :grin:
  12. Thanks all. Glad you're enjoying it. :) :)

    All the best gypsy with your proposed trip - you will have an absolute ball!

    pvda - Just a friendly highway patrol cop - he pulled over at the Thunderbolts way lookout and came over for a chat. Didn't do a licence check or anything. Just looked at the bike and told me about his riding/touring days (did Nullabor with 3 mates a few yrs back) and told me he has a lot of respect for bikers (he doesn't ride on the rd anymore) and yeah...he was a great guy! :)

    phizog - do it! You will not regret it. ;) :)

    starlet - Wisemans ferry was an awesome surprise. Had no idea what it was like or what was there so yeah, I was pretty happy. :)

    As for good medicine and forgetting about life for a while - WGM is right. I now have a pretty clear view of how I'm going to attack the next 12mths of my life and feel energised and motivated to succeed wtih it. :)

    Mrs Scumbag - Oxley was my fav rd of the entire trip. :) :grin:
  13. Ah Rosie, you do the old heart good just reading your journal :).
  14. Day 4 - Walcha - Wauchope (via Oxley hw) - Kempsey - Willawarrin - Macksville - Urunga - Ebor - Guyra - Deepwater.


    (Photo above: Walcha caravan park) - apologies for shite photo...still getting to learn how to operate this old camera.

    The first part of the Oxley - the part that takes you to the 'blink and you'll miss it Gingers creek cafe' - has some nice big sweepers to play with. I like very much. With no idea what the rest of the rd will be like I drop in at the cafe for a coffee and chat with some other bikers parked there. One uses the word 'amazing' and again I'm uncomfortable and tell him that it's good medicine - that's all.

    Back to the rd I go. Corners are tighter and I'm thrown out of whack a bit with it all - left right left right left right and so on. Takes a bit of getting used to and after some self talk/tuition and reminder that I'm there for a good time and don't expect to be carried out on in an ambulance, I actually get into my own kind of flow and find much enjoyment with it all. I think of the people back home - folk I ride with - and wish they were there to experience the awesomeness with me. At Wauchope I sms a friend to gloat.

    I head out onto the highway and its not long till I catch up to a long line of bumper to bumper traffic. Like last time I came through here it was stinking hot and it is the same now. I notice the bike is running rather hot so split all the way into Kempsey and don't stop movin till I turn off for Willawarrin. Let the bike cool whilst discussing routes wiht the locals seated outside the pub. I ask how to get to Taylors Arm from here and am told I have to head back to the Kempsey and go via the coast as the only other option is dirt. I say I know it's dirt and that's the rd I'm looking for. Some of them grin and warn. I grin back - somewhat reassuredly - and say thanks...and head for Taylors Arm. Via the dirt way.

    From memory it's only about 15km...but 15km on a dirt rd on your own, with stuff all experience/confidence/know how riding dirt rds does pose worry. What if I come off? I answer this concern by saying well i better not come off then..hey! It's a slow ride and it's hot and I'm kinda nervous so I'm kinda stiff and this isn't helping me at all. Loosen up that grip girl! Relax those arms! That's what you're supposed to do right? So I focus on loosening up my upper bod/arms/grip which is fine on the straight bits but corners I realise I have a lot to learn. A couple of hairy moments but all's well and I stop for a cold drink of water (well it's gone lukewarm by now) and a smoke and a photo here:


    The road surface isn't actually all that bad. Me on the other hand - well let's just say I've got a long way to go if I wanna learn how to ride on dirt (which I do!).

    Someway up the rd from here the rd branches off into two directions - left and right. No signs. No nothing. Which rd am I supposed to take?? I sit there stuffed...consult map which is of no help...and decide that I will go left. Why? Cos I'm left handed. That was my thinkng and it worked out just fine as a while later I actually arrived at an intersection and quizzed locals on where I go from there. They give directions to Taylors Arm which is happily for me, just down the rd. :) Pull up at the pub and notice other bikes parked there. I'm feeling pretty proud of my achievement and pretty relieved I made it there without incident and want to tell the other bikers about this wonderful thing I just did. I don't though - haha. Instead I order a cold drink and some lunch and drink and eat and consult map as to where to go to next. Macksville of course - and then Urunga for the absolutely stunning Waterfall Way.


    (Photo above: Taylors arm pub)

    Will finish this some other time soon!
  15. Heya Rosie - this is making for some great reading - look forward to seeing the rest of the installments!

  16. Next big ride I do I'm taking Rosie along; I'll do the riding, she can do the writing. Only Roarin does better ride reports, IMHO :).
  17. I'm sitting in my office reading this and am so envious of your adventures.
  18. Hey Rosie, loving it! Glad you had another fantastic trip and a great write up on your journey so far! I'm only a few days away from those roads, your descriptions of making them seem further away :p

    Can't wait to read more!
  19. Hi Rosie ,love the report and pictures thanks for sharing :grin:

    And go pick up this weeks AMCN ,it will be worth the $7 :grin: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
  20. Nice pics and write up :cool:

    Some great roads to ride