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Me still trying to work out how ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by VTRBob, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. My not so young ticker is still beating at 120 plus and im on my 7th can and just stopped shaking :LOL:

    Was pouring up here most of last night and this morning but it cleared up around lunchtime so I thought, Bugger it, a few hrs in the saddle will make for a good sat arvo :twisted:

    So I geared up checked bike over and headed out, I knew the ride down the hill so going to be slipery so I was taking it nice and easy ie: usual cage type of speeds :?

    About a 1/3 the way down there is a nice gentel RH sweeper and just as I got to the apex I felt the rear start to give way. 1st thought was: oh shite I can feel a text book low side coming on :shock:

    Now this is where im trying to figger out what I did ( it all happened so fast it was all just reflex action, or a whole lota arse :LOL: )
    I do know from looking at my leather pants and the new scrape marks that my right knee did kiss the road.
    Im not sure if I twisted the wrist or touched the rear brake but in the blink of an eye I was on the other side of the road facing back up the way I was coming and still upright [-o<
    I then moved of the road set the side stand, and just sat on the shoulder for a good ten minutes befire heading back up home and drink number one !! Oh yeah , during that little interlude I checked the tyres and they where warm so I know I can count out cold tyres.

    The only thing I can possably think of is , somewhere during the extremly fast process. I have touched the rear brake during the 1st half of the oop's and with the added physics of the sideways slide, has stood the bike back up and spun me the rest of the 180degs ?

    or was it 100% arse :LOL: :LOL:
  2. Call it 100% skill and the story of a hero.
    You're a legend mate.
    Let me celebrate by having a drink for you :beer:
  3. Good save Bob, arsey or not :grin:
  4. i think u might av tapped the front break.

    would av looked funny. glad you're ok
  5. more ass then class

    can you teach this grasshopper :LOL:

    nice save no matter what was involved would hate to see another storm hit the deck
  6. Might have looked funny but didn't feel funny :LOL:

    Nah definatly NO front brake ..... been there done that once before and turned into a very sad and sorry high side :? :LOL:
  7. I'd say you have the u-turn down pat :LOL:

    Nice one BTW :cool:
  8. Where's a vid camera when you need one, hey? :grin:

    VTAAAAAAAARGH Bob :shock:
  9. uh huh.

    something stopped the front wheel because the energy was release thru the rear onlyish.

    could av been the counter steer itself depending on the angle.

    impeccable balance is the only other posibility---you freak!
  10. :LOL: well I just shot that theory down, fell of mah chair laughing at that comment, so much for balance :rofl:

    then again mr Sambuca might not be helping atm

    But yeah whatever I did or didn't do, I still have a strong memory of me saying to myself .. WTF! why am I still upright ? :? :LOL:
  11. i got it!!!!!

    the bike spun around because your ar$e is so HUGE it created a pivot.

    ive got a sneaky suspition mr sambuca is helping you laugh!
  12. Check the rear tyre pressure. I did the same thing (although not a 180, more like a 90) when test riding a cbr600 which had around 12psi in the rear tyre.

    Other than that.. road surface/oil/diesel/etc? The first rain brings a lot of that crap to the surface.
  13. I had a good chuckle at this. Just the response from yourself would have been funny to have on camera :)
  14. An incident like that can only be due to pure skill, no accident.
    I only know one other rider who could have pulled that off and by night his head explodes into a flaming skull...!
  15. See if you can replicate it!

    If you can, it's scientific and pure skill. Only one way to find out!

    Would love to have that skill in my repertoire!


  16. Go out and buy a tattslotto ticket while lady luck is riding with you. :) And remember I get 10% as a consultant. :grin:
  17. lucky Bob, but take it with both hands. Wish I could have some a couple of weeks ago.

    Good luck, or skill doesn't matter, you go thtru it unscathed, thats all that counts. Go home, kiss Nugzy, have a drinks, smile and get on with it

  18. There is..another...Skywalker.
  19. Sounds like a classic 'bootlegger reverse' or handbrake turn.

    Normally you need at least two more tyres to make it work but kudos for not sticking to the conservative view.

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  20. What a save, gotta be 100% arse :p