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me need 2nd job (long)

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by flexorcist, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. sorry most of my posts have been off topic but...

    didn't realise this was so long until after i typed it, so if you need a hand with something, read on...

    well i once had a full time job, (several actually), but these days i don't. working at the strippers i was casual and on 700 a week for 4 days.

    now, well, it's not the season for my employment. i'm after a 2nd job(s), cash in hand. i know that's not right but unfortunately, the busy season is the 2 months of bank statements i have to supply to legal aid, $3-400 a week is heaps apparently when they don't count cigarettes, transport expenses when you lost a licence and live on the other side of town, fines i'm still paying off, and phone bills as part of your expenses. at the moment, i'm getting my "weeks work" done in 2 days, same money as sickness allowance, bout 180 a week :( .

    well, if anyone has anything they need a hand with, (except lawn mowing, dunno why but i hate it)... i can learn everything, but can do the following:

    well i'm currently in warehousing/admin, but nto much of a cash market there. (but comp skills - good at html/css/dhtml/javascript, excellent in word/excel, good general PC knowledge, avg at graphic design, good at photoshopping :p, good typing skills, (ignore any grammatical or spelling errors in this im rushing :p)).

    i baked for 3 years, they're always short staffed, i can be a good roll boy!!!

    removalist - christ me n dad have done it for 7 people in 6 months, it sucks but i'll do it, noones worse than mum to move for

    landscaping - can design, know how to pave/bricklay/stonelay, (yes also driveways, and with a proper base, none of this 2 months and it's wonky business), concrete, apply grass of the fake and real variety.

    average at carpentry/handyman work, but i can paint just like everyone else! (just cant paint vehicles im allergic to prepsol, learnt that the hard way)

    have good mechanical aptitude, and did engine fitting for 7 months, so while i won't take the chance of changing heads at home, early model motors i can change but we shan't go there.... i'm prep. to do
    oil changes (yes easy but i can be dirty not you)
    starter motors
    basically every external motor component.... provided i dont hafta muck around with the head, even though i did it for a while i still hate muckin with cams tappets and sh!t.

    christ i've been doin this job on and off for 8 years, but i've been freakin driftin doing other stuff in between...

    so i dont want to be poor/lazy. i need something to pass time. flexible with work days. gettin' lazy but i can fix that.

    hours do not bother me
    (when i baked i worked Sat-Sun 1:30am-8:30am, Mon-Wed, 1:30am-8:30am, other job, 9:30-4:00pm), thurs-fri, other job 7:30-4pm

    at the strippers i worked thur-fri 10:30am - 3:00am, (illegal hours but i'd nap on the couches during quiet times hehe).
  2. Sorry, I read 'strippers' on the third line and tuned out until you said 'strippers' at the end. So the only thing I took out of that post was that you work at a strip joint (whether the good or bad kind) and you take naps.

    Nice post, I too like strippers and naps.
  3. thats what happened to me when i re-read it.

    i used to work at the strippers. now my gf has deleted every female number out of my phone, but my bedroom is still wall to wall with free passes. and a voucher for free function roomness. i'm saving that baby,
  4. security at a strip joint?

    Awesome, be one at a brothel even better
  5. dude im f'n tiny i couldnt be security. i was the only barman. and our boss owned a brothel i used to go get the takings and bring em back. shoulda done a runner it was like bags of tens of thousands at a time.
  6. I thought u were tough ?

    oh - i thought the only dudes they employ at strippers are bouncers :p
  7. hopefully the next magistrate i see own't think that or i'm screwed haha. i'm good at gettin me head caved in though. :p
  8. Do you have any pic's of yourself in a suit?

    Do you scrub up ok ?
  9. i go in trackies ;)
    seriously. i fell asleep last time. it's just been getting adjourned lately. i'll wear jeans and a t-shirt aug 2. (it's at heidelberg, the only ones in suits are those there on driving offences, dress doesn't help you)... next time im in the city i may wear one.
  10. Mate, go to a place like Hayes Personnel where you can use your computer / administrative skills. Good opportunity to apply yourself to stable employment where you can land $20 - $25 per hour, get super and establish a resume.

    I've seen some yo-yos come through employment agencies with zip English comms skills so if you're prepared to apply yourself, dress and present well, you will be in with a show of some quality temp work which will provide references.

    Without being inquisitive, what are you being done for in court? Should you appear casual?
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  12. Not saying, and it's not going to make a difference what I look like when it's just being constantly adjourned.
  13. mat is willing to pay you to be his biatch
  14. Theres a grouchy old cow in my building, id say shed pay good for a sik milk every once in a while.
    Might get the lawnbowler to stop tossing eggs off her balcony?