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Me lass's new toy.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Heinz_Guderian, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]


  2. u bought a human for your bike? :grin:
  3. eerm what model is it?
    i kinda like the look of that yamy
  4. Its a TRX850.

    Get a pipe on that bad boy, such a sweet sounding engine :LOL:
  5. TRX's are discerning cool.
  6. Yah... the TRX850 isn't the fastest japanese twin, or the best handling japanese twin but they've definitely got the most character :)
  7. ........ in spades, and with a nice fruity pipe, nothing sounds better off the lights. Bike's in great nick, Heinz, do you know its history??
  8. Top looking machine she has got mate. Well done to her.
  9. look good, sound great, stalls in first! :LOL:
    nice example.
  10. It has an FZR250 Headlight! Saw one today it sounded loud.
  11. Ohh dear, yeees that is very nice haha. The red looks great, well done. Yep, these are a great bike, any modern (or even old) 600 will beat it easily in a straight line, but in overall terms they're not slow. And the engine! It makes my dads vstrom1000 (tl1000 engine) feel like a sewing machine. Not for everyone, but i reckon as time goes on interest in them will grow. I lust after faster and newer bikes but reckon i'll always keep the t rex. Heinz, looks like your girls bike has a 2 into 1 exhaust, thats awesome. Must sound good. Now go on us ebay and get yourself a set of r1/r6 front calipers, and a r1/r6 master cylinder. It all bolts straight on and improves the brakes 200%. And cartridge emulators for the front forks are good too. And yeah joel, i know all about stalling in first gear. Its a prick in traffic! (you do get used to it pretty quickly)

    ps keep a close eye on the oil, they dont mind a drink of it and becuase they;re a dry sump aren't as easy to check as a standard jap bike)
  12. Haha, yes; a neat little piece of info for anyone who crashes a 3LN FZR250... :-w
  13. ^^^^^ Or for someone that wants the cool projector beam fzr250 headlights for their trx! :grin:
  14. What year did they start making them?
  15. It was '95 (same year they won 2 wheels BOTY), last year of manufacture was 99, though they didnt completely sell out well into 2000/01. Sales were never very high, the vtr1000 and tl1000 came out not too long after the trx and both will slaughter it in a straight line (and both are bigger and more modern). I'm not sure in Australia, but i know in europe they were reletively expensive (probably chasing the ducati market) and that didn't help sales much. Pretty good value these days, though. And a bit different to all the firestorms you tend to see everywhere (no offense intended :) )
  16. My best mate had a TRX - bloody great fun bikes. I seriously considered one for a while, but they are very pillion UNfriendly!
  17. [​IMG]

    Pretty nice! How do they handle?
  18. Yeah, they handle really well. I'm no ace rider, and certainly no moto journalist, but they have a really solid planted feeling. I never feel any hint of frame flex. Because of the 270 degree firing order (and lack of massive power) they have heaps of grip, and you can open them up whilst leant over without worrying about losing traction. With a talented rider on board, the handling is certainly good enough to keep up with more modern and more powerful machinery. The forks are a pretty cheap design (damper rod) and are a bit soft standard but do have full adjustment and are easy to upgrade with cartridge emulators. The rear is fine, with full adjustment also, but is apparently a bit hard (i'm almost 100kg in gear so don't notice). Overall they're just a really interesting bike, loads more character then most japanese bikes and quite quirky without being too crazy/weird. You'll never set a land speed record on one, but they have stacks of torque and the sound. Oh yeah :cool:
  19. Sorry to take a while to get back.... this example was owned by the fellow pictured (Hi Adrian!) for 8 years, minor fall on the left which made cracks around the indicator. 2:1 pipe is VERY loud and obviously quality- perhaps an early Akropovic/Scorpion.

    The TRX handles well, but not stunningly: more stable than quick-steering, and let down as others have said by the cheap suspension. But it all works together well enough and the suspension doesn't feel crude like on some other built-down-to-a-price bikes like, say, the GSX750F or FZR600.

    They don't make the power of the VTR or (especially) the TL but they came out years earlier... they were sold in Japan for at least a year before we got them (pic above shows Jap-market Brembo brakes). You have to remember that in 1995 if you wanted a sporting twin you really had to buy a Ducati with all that implies at a time when Bologna were producing some really shoddy bikes (better since 1999). The TRX was a godsend. It also has a useful tank range, which the big V-twins certainly do NOT. They are pretty much just as quick as the Ducati 900SS which is a fair comparison... VTRs and TLs were supposed to be 916 beaters.

    In late 1997 I hired one to give it a real test pending purchase, having seen a 'display only' model at the 1996 Superbikes. I lost my licence for a year after leading two Highway Patrol cars on a merry chase through Sydney's northern suburbs. After a ramming attempt I thought it might be better to stop...

    Anyway, Carolyn loves it for its comfort, decent handling and the punchy motor. At last the Hornet 600 stolen almost a year ago has been replaced!
  20. Always sucks to have something stolen :| At least she has found something to replace it, Was the hornet insured?