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Me is very happy

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by snuff3r, Jul 5, 2011.

  1. Didn't have time to take a decent pick, i couldn't get off the thing all day. Everytime i got off it to take a pic or whatever, i had a compulsion to get back on it. Hah!


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  2. Never looked at the triples before but a guy in melb turned up last sat morn at the learner prac session, curren model in red, very nice lines, cant get over how slim they are. Congrats, better get back on it :) enjoy!!
  3. Very pretty... and very slim bikes but such a nice sound from them! :D
  4. nice in blue better in red congratz enjoy i do
  5. ... say "Silicon carbide. ..." oh dear...
  6. =D>
    Congratz. (One) of my dream bikes :D
  7. You'll enjoy it mate, congrats and welcome to the D675 club!
  8. Looks good in blue.. enjoy!
  9. congrats, thanks for the pics you WERE able to take :LOL:
  10. looks real nice in blue I agree
  11. I'm in love with it. Was on it all day today.

    The blue is nice, that pic doesn't do it justice. Ill have to get the SLR out this weekend :]
  12. A beautiful bike...
  13. Very nice!!! MORE PICS!
  14. I'll break out the slr on sat :)
  15. Very nice bike mate (y)
    I'm positive Raven would have similar, if not much better, ways of expressing this.
    Congrats !
  16. I had him test ride it for me before I bought it ;)
  17. Definately looks the best in blue with gold rims. How are you liking the riding angle, heard they can be a bit of a torture rack. Mind you Im still gonna get one when I finish LAMS :)
  18. Absolutely in love with it. I still haven't had a change to get it out on the twisties yet though :-(

    The week i got it, i was working, then it rained, rained again, and now the wife is in the delivery ward delivering a baby.

  19. Argh no good, well please put a ride report up when you get a chance to have a burn, Id be very interested to hear, cheers.