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Me and my bike were abit sick over the last few days....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Sweeris, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. It all started on Wednesday when it was raining all day. I had 2 go 2 work so I hsd no choice than to ride in the rain. She(my bike) was fine in the rain. I was pretty happy on how she handles in the wet these days. I walked into my workplace with a trail of water drops behind me. She was parked out side side just under cover. After I finished work. It was still raining so I just still head back anyway. I got to about half way home my bike was starting to act strange. She started to miss fire abit. Not the same symptom as when shes running out of petrol. It was like when I accelerate she wasnt providing smooth power. I would hear a smal poping sound from the exhaust. When I hear the pop I would lose power and the power would be back like normal. This would happen irregularly. The time between the poping sould seem random. Theres no pattern to it.

    I decided to stop over at my friends place for a about 4hrs. After I was dry and she was dried and cooled down as well. I head home. I went for a spin on the way home(took the long way home). She was normal. No poping or anything.

    Any ideas on whats going on?? Was it coz it was too wet or did water get into somewhere where it wasnt suppose to be water? From that day I never had the symptom again. It was abit like there was some water in the fuel.

    That day I was fine but the next day I was sick. She was fine the day after.....
  2. 2 words; CBR electrics!
    Sounds like water got into the CDI unit.
    Check for cracking or poor contacts. You may not be able to see much but worth a look.
  3. more likely your points. Have a mechanic check them. You can also carry a tiny can of WD40. This will displace water from the electrics :)
  4. Losing spark as you're getting water in somewhere... water on/around coils/leads/spark plugs could well be the cause. It will be fine once the water evaporates.

    I just make a point of riding in the rain as little as possible, it's not overly safe anyway - slippery roads and invisibility FTL.

    the problem will be hard to track down, most likely... my plan involves avoiding rain and saving for a new bike :p
  5. water gets into the spark plug holes wgeb riding in the rain

    wd40 around the spark plug holes would prob help
  6. I have to get to and from work. My bike is my only transport. The alternative is the bus....
  7. Same as when I wash the GSF using the carwash. Idles fine, open the throttle and you get the hollow-sounding "bwaaaaah". Water on the electrics. If it is ongoing, invest in a hairdryer. With mine, it is water that causes "leaking" on the high tension cables, between the coil pack and the spark lead.

    Edit - also, when you ride the bike, the temperatures are at a nice water-evaporating temperature. that is why you may be bone wet but the compartment is bone dry (obviously). when the rain is going sideways and the heat pump is turned off, then you get your problems.
  8. I'm with you sweeris should be riding rain, hail or shine. The postie's respect you more. Anyway when do you have a safe environment when riding.
  9. Maybe your chain is loose? If you put too much torque through it, it will slip, make a pop sound, lose all power and then take off again when it bites.
  10. got the same you on my VTR
    there is a small crack in the spark cable and water slowly creates a bridge for the sparks escape threw...
    really should get that fixed :)
  11. I don't have that problem on my current bike, but when I had the Across sometimes it would be like that at the start if I'd had it parked in the rain. The end of the exhaust had a fairly definite upwards angle, which seemed great for catching those lovely rain drops! *Spatter spatter* :LOL:

    I hadn't heard of protecting your electrics with WD40. If I find I start getting problems I might have to try that one. Thanks guys!