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MD80 Camera

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by gsxrjames, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. Has anyone got the mini camera, MD80 action/spy cam? Seen a few clips on youtube but I'm interested to know how user friendly it is. Also attaching behind a screen. I actually bought one online for $20ish so I'll find out for myself in a few weeks, thought I'd ask anyway

  2. Got my camera yesterday, it’s pretty cool. Haven't had a chance to test it properly yet. It is terrible at night, just a bunch of swirly lights and road noise but the quality during the day is better than I expected.
    It is a bit fiddley due to the size and the buttons aren’t that great, but it was only $21.60 so I wasn't expecting much.
    It is very simple to use. Just the one button to start and stop recording. It has a 'mode' button also which can be used for the 'sound activation mode' which I'm yet to try.
    The avi file is saved automatically when stoped so you'll need video editing software if you want to join or splice smaller files. The files are quite large. I think i worked it out to be around 20-23mb per minute of recording. Given that the battery life is claimed to be 2hours of recording, a 4gig micro sd card is more than enough. The faster the card the better.
    It’s just over 5cm long so it can go basically anywhere. I'm putting mine behind my screen to reduce the wind noise.
    Overall, it’s not the best quality cam and the mic isn't great when compared to dedicated helmet or action cameras. BUT they are basically free:) look on ebay and you'll find dozens for under $30aud including postage. I'd recommend it for the not so serious mountain racer. There is plenty of clips of youtube, or pm me for one of mine. Might take it to the Tuesday night ride.