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MCR1- GSX1400 rally to Bathurst

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Rogues, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. So we had riders coming from Victoria and Queensland along with a more local contingent from the Sydney & Newcastle area as well as a 14 owner visiting from New Zealand for the first MCR in Australia.
    I linked up with the crew from Qld, meeting them for an overnighter at Bendemeer on Thursday arvo, prior to a run to Bathurst on the Friday.
    Friday dawned bleak & overcast, we kitted up for wet weather and weren’t disappointed, making the run down encountering solid rain at various times.
    Needless to say, accommodation at the Victoria hotel was hospitable, and it was great to share a few beers and stories with the mob.
    roo_at_my_place_019.JPG roo_at_my_place_015.JPG
    Saturday morning was totally different, Thank God!!......cloudy but fine, it was perfect for a 9.30 meet & greet’ at the local Zuki dealership, then to form up en-masse for the run out to the track.
    roo_at_my_place_035.JPG roo_at_my_place_0361.JPG
    Took a gentle spin around once to see what was hiding in the bushes out there, found him with radar in hand half way down Conrod so everyone was a little reluctant to spin-up too much......
    To our amazement and amusement about 30 minutes later he cruised past our line-up, gave a friendly wave and buggered off.........( I actually think he was giving us a chance to play as long as no-one did anything stupid, then he’d be back with a vengeance.) roo_at_my_place_043.JPG roo_at_my_place_057.JPG roo_at_my_place_054.JPG
    Had an excellent time on the mountain and to be able to play on the track, letting the 14 breathe a bit, was fabulous, it was great to stop at various places around the track and no matter where you were you would hear the growl of in-line fours exercising the vocal chords somewhere on the run.
    roo_at_my_place_047.JPG roo_at_my_place_058.JPG
    Took time out after lunch to check out the museum and look over the mix of both bikes and cars that at some stage have run the mountain, including ‘Gardners world championship winning Honda and ‘Giles’s trio of superbikes.
    [​IMG] roo_at_my_place_064.JPG
    Plenty of video screens around showing past races- I forget this one when it happened but you’ve gotta think “this is going to hurtâ€.......but the driver walked away.

  2. Saturday night consisted of a fair dash of beer, food and more beer mixed in with a heap of
    piss-taking and friendly banter...........
    Sunday was fine but chilly for an early morning start home via Sofala, Merriwa, Scone & Tamworth back to Bendemeer. We didn’t have the time unfortunately to take any other way with the Qldanders needing to get back but I did convince them to come play on the Oxley-....
    Across the plateau flats to Gingers’ for a coffee break.....a squad of 14’s on the mountain.
    Run the twisties to the bottom and then crash at my place Sunday night..................

    The obligatory photo at “Rogues El-Hacienda, kit up and the gang’s headed home
    All up a fabulous four days of riding and good company with a tight knit bunch of 14 owners that I now call good mates.
  3. Great write up and pics

    Some nice roads - not too mention the track :cool:
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  5. Pity I didn't know about this in advance, I've got several friends in the Ulysses Club who ride these!
  6. You must have missed it in the events calendar then 'lady'.........
    its been there for a few months.......mind you it was in the NSW section so understandable.. :roll:
    suggest based on the success of this it will be bigger and better next year. :grin: :grin:

    Cheers Rogues