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MCN iPhone App

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sly, May 24, 2010.

  1. Hi, did you get it from the UK appstore? I can't find it on the Aussie or U.S. ones, only the UK. It looks pretty interesting, but I can't be stuffed creating a 3rd iTunes account at the moment! Also, can you change it to Metric measurements?

    Anyway, keep us informed on how it goes with any future use of it! I wonder if it would be any good at the track?

  2. Hmm, I wonder what the risk is in using something like that and then having the local constabulary seize it as evidence. :-s
  3. I can't find it on my Appstore either :(
  4. its in the US store, not the OZ store, youll need to change to the US store to get it
  5. "The item you've requested is not currently available in the US store."

    Any ideas?
  6. http://itunes.apple.com/au/app/motorcycle-dealers-workshops/id352914403?mt=8

    This might be of interest to some.
  7. I didn't change my location in iTunes to anywhere...

    I downloaded it on the day it came out, so maybe they'd accidentally set it to worldwide rather than just UK, dunno.

    Yes, you can switch to metric too.

    I'll be taking it to the track next time i go, hopefully get some feedback on where to improve as you can see what speed you were doing at each point of a corner, or straight for that matter

    I need to check my data usage, as I think it could be chewing through my bandwidth.

    As for rozzers seizing it for evidence, I hardly think it would be admissible in court...
  8. And people are being a tad paranoid in any case. This sort of thing's been around for years in the guise of navigators such as Garmin GPSes which can record all this data.

    In any case, if there's a worry that the police can seize it to use it against you, then the reverse should apply, particularly if you get pinged by a speed camera.

    Of course, if it comes down to which technology will the court believe, a $400 consumer gadget or a $70,000 specialised "scientific instrument"?

    It can't have it both ways.

    And this is where the legal eagles come in - what right does a copper have to search and seize from you, possessions such as smartphones or GPS navigators?
  9. I emailed MCN last night and they do intend to release it on the Australian App store in the near future, but they don't have a firm release date yet.
  10. Ah, another thing that I 'love' about the iPhone - that availability of a something like a program has to be approved by someone, somewhere. Haven't had anything like this with the new Android apps, so far.
  11. Thank you mate...I want this thing...(mainly because I CAN'T have it)..:)
  12. I'm no fanboy, but seriously, the envy in a comment like this from an Android user is unmistakable.

    The fact is, there's I don't know how many million iPhones in the wild and hence app developers are more inclined to develop iPhone apps than Android.

    So back to what you were saying, when is the MCN app available for Android? That's right, it's not... ](*,)
  13. It's called "evidentiary material". I'm sure it varies state to state but basically they can seize anything relating to the offence that will provide evidentiary material.

    In the ACT evidential material means "a thing relevant to an offence, including a thing in electronic form." In the ACT it comes under section 209 of the Crimes Act 1900 when you're talking about motor vehicles. However there are conditions, it can't just be done willy nilly.
  14. But it gets back to the validity of that "evidentiary material", doesn't it?

    ie. there's no point in seizing something if it won't hold up under scrutiny.

    Whatever, it's a simple matter of you zero'ing the GPS or whatever before the copper gets his hands on it, if you're that worried about it.
  15. Oh, please. I chose not to buy an iPhone because of its many shortcomings, not the least the control that Apple has over its application, thereof.

    You should bang your head AFTER you make the post, not before. In any case, there are already apps out there that can do similar things.

    That aside, this software or the functions and features that it offers, has been available on a number of dedicated GPS/Navigators for some time now.

    I'm not sure why anyone would want to use a phone to do this. If you leave it in your pocket GPS satellite reception can be inhibited (it doesn't take much), so the collected data would be suspect. Second, if you mount it on the bike it becomes subjected to vibration, ambient conditions (dust, water, moisture, heat/cold, etc.).

    At least the likes of the Garmin units are designed for this type of operating.

    Still, if this is what floats your boat, knock yourself out...
  16. sucked in, buy an iPhone :D
  17. My mio navigator has my maximum speed at 999.9km/h.

    I'm screwed if the cops confiscate it.
  18. You can use a company GPS log as evidence in your defence so why cant they use it to prosecute you??
  19. Pretty much the same in Vic.
    Mobile phones (as an example) are often seized after traffic accidents if there is a suspicion that the driver was on the phone at the time.
    Having said that, it would be pretty easy to prove that this was not an "approved speed measuring device" and therefore useless.