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McLaren P1 + Seat Leon Cupra + Fast Biker - Epic - Nürburgring Nordschleife TF Onboard

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Jaytee, Oct 18, 2016.


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  2. Always fun to watch. But not an accurate measure of the P1, the driver is nowhere near as quick at the Seat driver - switch them and that P1 will be vanishing into the distance in no time. The rider's pretty good :)
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  3. It's pretty clear the P1 driver either doesn't know where he is going, is deliberately taking it easy or possibly is just a rich guy lacking skills. I agree though that it is still fun to watch!
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  4. Farkin ell the dude on the bike is AWESOME! See him/her bounce around on the carousel... The P1 driver is rubbish
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  5. Yeah the R6 rider looks like they're having fun out there.
  6. Epic.

    That Seat goes hard.
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  7. Look, you guys wanna see going hard - how about a CBR400RR vs an R1 at Caldwell Park in the UK. This CBR fella can sure ride....

    itchinitchin you might like this, it's the same track you posted in my wheelie thread - where they get airborne on one part of the lap!!

    You can skip the first 50secs, it's a sort of intro, the riding starts thereafter.

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  8. Great merciful crap! Ounce of handling worth a pound of horsepower huh?

    The guy's braking is epic!
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  9. The CBR400RR Rider's thoughts.....

    Pin it, pin it, pin it ------ limiter.....D'oh

    Rinse and repeat....
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  10. Watch this space..... :whistle:
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