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McLaren F1 team fined, excluded

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by rob_, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. $100m? And imagine the legal costs. Better hope they used those "no win, no charge" guys.

    Go BMW (now second in the world championship)! Go Kubica!

  2. Ron could pay that out of petty cash, but if anyone thinks that this will change HIS ways, it ain't going to happen....
  3. $100m isnt petty cash for anyone (represents about a quater of mclaren's budget), and I dont know what you mean by HIS ways? as far as i can see, he's always been very headstrong and competetive, but a cheater that does not make. Running/crashing a rival off the road (three times!) makes a cheater (yes i mean you mr. schumacher). as far as can be told from the media coverage, there is no concrete evidence that no ferrari design material was used on the car.

    and does the punishment fit the crime? how do u arrive at a figure of $100m? was $75m not enough? $125m too much? and the constructors points have been docked, but not the driver's? so only the team benefited from the 'cheating'? only made them go faster in the constructors championship? now i know that the explanation for not docking driver's points is because it is the team's fault for supposedly cheating. but the incriminating evidence produced at the trial was emails and sms' exchanged between alonso, de la rosa and hamilton. wtf? it all seems a bit ridiculous to me.
  4. What used to piss me off was the way he'd run screaming to the officials when anyone did it to him :evil: .
  5. WTF "change HIS ways" Ron Dennis is a hard competitor but I would never class him as a cheat, Ferrari have been caught cheating on many occasions.

    I think its just a way to shut Ferrari up, let them have the manufacturers championship, but they know they cannot mess with the drivers championship because that's what the public care about and then there would be problems.

    They is definitely a Ferrari bias in the FIA, Ferrari are often the onl;y ones to side with the FIA against all the others manufacturers...

    And 100 million quid thats half a car!!!
  6. Had they gone as far as docking the driver points the FIA know full well that it would lose 1/4 of the sports supporters.

    I'm disappointed that McLaren were docked all of their constructors points. Had they used ferrari secrets to develop their car, the McLaren would be breaking down more often :LOL:

    The drivers championship is far more important to the majority of the fans but to me the constructors is equally as important :(

    At the end of the day Mr. Mosley needs to be seen to be doing something ;)

    GO The Tolman Team :grin:
  7. Mosley does whatever Bernie tells him to, always did. I always had a problem with Max, probably just because of his dad Oswald though.
  8. Mr Dennis "acquired" the whole Mclaren operation under very questionable circumstances :roll: .......

    Nevertheless, they'd all pay a king's ransom for each other's technical secrets, that's why they used to queue up to get drivers from the top teams. It doesn't matter these days because the drivers are just there to stop the cars from skidding off the track, and to expedite the pit stops, where the racing REALLY happens......

    And Mr. S., of course, was only following the lead provided for him by the other Mr. S. :wink:.
  9. No he didn't Mclaren were in terminal decline and project 4 were the next new thing, and the major sponsor of both did deal.
  10. . . . its because there is a black man leading the championship !

    nah, kidding.
    All seriousness this will put a huge dent in F1 and what I believe is a strategic move to start another series with other constructors.

    Bernie's reign as el-supremo is at an end !

    . .. . this is my prediction !!
  11. Quite possibly but he did drag it though the 80's and 90's if it wasn't for him it'd be long gone...
  12. That's the story HE tells; the real story is far less pretty......
  13. Plus with Louis Hamilton Ron Gets to build drivers as well
  14. But in the format he's made it, who'd miss it???
  15. That's only story I've ever heard, so unless you have some actual facts I'll stay with it thanks...
  16. regardless of if you think dennis is a chump or not (i dont think he is, btw), you'd have to say that the punishment does not fit the crime here. where are couglan and stepney to take the rap? what about the fact that they were looking at moving to another team (honda or toyota) together? pisses me off, it undermines the integrity of the sport. woops, ferrari havent won anything for two years, better fix that situation. vomit.

    when bmw starts winning everything, i hope the fia doesnt pull this rubbish on them...
  17. Hey thats why my beloved Renault are just toying this year ;) imagine if they won 3 in a row......

    "Stop the world, Renault are cheating............."
  18. as much as I enjoy F1 (the technology side of it)

    the rest of it is pointless, its not a real sport so to speak. some drivers have exceptional abilitie, others buy there way into teams.

    and in recent years the constructors championship (which I think is much more important, after all it is team vs team apparently) generally becomes a two horse race.

    the rest of the teams just make up the numbers and create passing hazards about 25 laps in.