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McHappy Day

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by lil, Nov 15, 2007.

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  1. This Saturday 17th November is McHappy Day! Remember to head down to your closest/favourite store and buy a Big Mac or make a donation. This is one of the few charities where every cent raised goes straight to the charity....no slice off the top for the McDonalds Company! So, help give the sick kids and their families a reason to smile :grin:

    More info at www.mchappyday.com.au .

  2. I'll have a double quarter-pounder meal with a frozen coke instead of coke, please.

    Oh, and an Oreo McFlurry for dessert

    Thenk yup :).
  3. Congratulations hornet - the money you raised for charity from that sale is...

    $0 :grin:

    Buy a Big Mac and a wristband, then put your change is the money box on the counter and everybody will be happy (except for you because you just ordered a burger you didn't want).

    Although I must admit your meal sounds much tastier, especially than the wristband :p.
  4. Isn't a big mac around $3? so yeah maccas still "benefits" from it....
  5. firstly it may cost around $2 to make a big mac in products and they sell it for $3 so the differance would be what is donated .........$1.
    either way , if you have kids and have the pleasure of visiting the childrens hospital with them while they are sick or injured you really would give a shit .

    just go and buy a burger .
  6. On McHappy Day, I usually ditch the fries, and buy 2 Big Mac's :grin:
  7. "Girls! - We're going to Macca's for tea on Saturday"

    Tweet - I've been known to eat 3 Big Macs in a row. :oops: :grin:
  8. If what I heard is true (talking to an ex Macca's staffer) then the cost of making the burger is probably higher than that. He claimed that McDonalds intentionally make very little profit off the burgers but this is offset by the high margin on drinks and other products.
  9. So? it's about the kiddies :grin:
  10. Well that's good, because all 3 at the same time would look horrific :eek:
  11. While its fantastic that Maccas does this and the kids get to benefit, Maccas is in it for maccas. I saw the ad saying "help us raise $2mil" and thought, why dont you just give it to them out of your spare, i dunno billions!
  12. Weren't McDonalds internation posting a loss a few years ago?

    Dunno how their cash-flow is now though.
  13. It's about community spirit.
  14. Dunno, i can't imagine they're doing too badly!!!

    Call me cynical but I think mchappy day was partly brought in to offset the contribution it makes to childhood obesity (dont worry, i'm not shifting blame from parents though, they're equally responsible, except for the poor buggers that can control their weight)

    But like I said, it benefits the kids and Id never want that taken away.
  15. I'm going to hit up hungry jack's today in preparation, get my pickle fling on.
  16. ha ha ha, go the pickle races!!!
  17. hahaha I remember in primary school we got mc donalds one day & everyone was flinging pickles up on the ceiling trying to make them stick :p
  18. do you guys know which celebs will be at your local?

    Apparently we (altona north) get the big stars.

    We have THE Andrew and Hayley from big brother, and the one and only Ronald Mcdonald himself. How could i afford not to go?
  19. OMG You got jibbed! I'm getting Drew Barrymore, Hally Berry, Ben Affleck and Pete Murray at my local store! Oh, and don't forget, we also get the Hamburglar too :)





    :) xx - h
  20. my sister went to QLD and gave me a handful of free big mac vouchers..... (she's a regular not a worker lol)...
    man will i feel like a stingy prick tomorrow!!
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