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NSW MCCNSW Newsletter Advanced stop boxes and CTP news

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Vertical C, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. The newsletter is not on the website yet but I am sure it soon will be.

    Two interesting things are.

    Stop Box and Lane Filtering trial
    The Minister has asked the MCCofNSW to recommend 5
    intersections for a trial of “Motorcycle Stop Boxes” to be
    placed at the stop line at traffic light controlled intersections.
    Car traffic will be stopped further back to make room for the
    Motorcycle stop boxes.
    There needs to be wide lanes to allow motorcycles to filter to
    the front of the pack and manoeuvre into the stop boxes.
    The initial feedback was lacklustre to say the least but we now
    have a decent amount of input to put together a realistic
    We will map the proposed intersections shortly and will need
    the assistance of volunteers to take a happy snap of the
    intersection to add to the submission. Please contact
    Christopher Burns on 0418-486-660 or email at
    cjburns@ihug.com.au if you are able to help.

    Which seems to lead to legalised filtering by default.


    CTP Discussions
    At a recent meeting with the MAA discussions were had once
    again about CTP costs to motorcyclists in NSW.
    The MAA have engaged Finity once again to review the relativities
    for Motorcycles in the CTP scheme in NSW.
    It would appear that the latest set of claims statistics indicate we
    should see a reduction in CTP costs in NSW.
    When this will happen and how much is yet to be determined but
    my advice is to register your bike on a 6 monthly basis until the
    reductions do come through.

    Just in case any of you have rego coming up, especially if you have a 250cc. Don't hold your breath but if it happens it would be good.

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  2. omg what they're going for stop boxes? **** yes