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MCCAS - are they cheap?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by daedalus, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. I am looking to buy a cheap helmet, gloves, jacket, pants, and maybe boots.

    MCCAS sydney CBD is closeby

    WWW DOT mcas DOT com DOT au

    are they relatively cheap? if so ill just go buy from them without wasting time shopping around

  2. They're BIG so their pricing is very keen.....
  3. Good range and cheaper than most in my experience.
  4. great! i will just buy from them then. i just dont want to be ripped off, im a newbie!

    thanks for all your replies!
  5. Their CBD store is very small, get yourself out to their bigger superstore at Auburn if you can, more choice and stock.
  6. just bought a rjays helmet for $160 and rjays gloves for $60 (with knuckle protection).

    seems very good quality, and happy with it

  7. Has anyone tried asking for a discount off their prices if buying a few items at once?
  8. think i got one without even asking for it tbh. coupla hundred bucks worh of stuff, got a bit knocked off...
  9. I got sidi boots ($400) shift leather pants ($500) and shift leather gloves ($170) for a cool $800 cash from there.

    I was very pleased, needless to say, considering my budget was $800 for pants and boots and not only did i get better stuff for my money i got gloves too!

    I did haggle a little. But they were all too enthusiastic to give me a discount.
  10. I would say they are pretty competitive and discounts are available. My only problem up until yesterday was that the service was always always terrible and even offensive.

    yesterday though I bought a pair boots and actually found them quite helpful, even after buying the wrong size and perhaps taking up more of the guys time than i should have, when i came back to do the exchange they were quick and polite as can be.

    A great effort on this occassion but perhaps still not enough to erase previous horrors, still prices and location of stores leave most other sydney dealers well behind.
  11. I think with the CBD store, they can't squeeze any more staff into the 2 broom closets that they have for a store...

    The other stores are much much bigger, easier to browse, because you aren't tripping over other customers, but I have heard less keen to offer discounts...

  12. Do they normally discount on helmets? I was there last week and casually asked but their response was no.
  13. They'll give you a discount on anything if you're a member of certain forums..

    If you're buying a few things just ask nicely and they'll at least take a bit off. If you're spending hundreds definitely ask for discount - that goes for any bikeshop, if you're biking alot of your gear at the same time you better get at least 10% off.
  14. Such as this one?
  15. They actually gave me a few percentage off, I'm happy considering I only bought a helmet and that particular helmet is already $20 to $40 cheaper than other places.
  16. I'm a bit suprised by the positive comments of MCAS. Don't get me wrong, I think they are OK, but just OK.
  17. I agree with the 10% discount when buying multiple items, say $700+.

    Service is so & so.
    Sometimes good, sometimes not.

    Personally, I cant wait till the biking population to increase some more and a new competitor enters the market. Right now, it's like the grocery sector; 90% of the time, you either go to Coles or Woolies.
  18. I was there the other day and would quite happily have spent $400+ on a new jacket, weren't they so hopeless at helping me out.

    The staff were gruff and useless for me on this occasion and I have already said that their prices are good on this thread so i guess the service goes up and down.

    I was in my school uniform, however, so that probably had some affect. But it shouldn't, really. So now i have no new jacket because they were a-holes.
  19. That's strange, I guess it depends on the sales person. I've been to both the CBD and Auburn stores, the guys were very helpful. If anything, I hope they have more Dainese and Alpinestars gears.
  20. My experience is that MCAS are not cheap, bugger all on sale, terrible service, will offer a discount when asked, but not happily and less than 5%.

    That said I have yet to have really good accessories buying experience. The dealer I bought my last bike off was amazing, a really top bloke, but the accessories department tried really hard to get me to buy a lid that obviously wasn't a good fit.

    If you are looking to buy a helmet, forget convenience. Try on at least a dozen (bare minimum) different lids, and talk to someone about helmet fit who has a clue. A helmet can be initially comfortable, and end up way too loose, you need to buy a fairly tight fit. But some kinds of tight can end up way too loose in some places while always remaining painful in others. Make sure it fits! Then of the ones that fit, consider weight, noise, stability, ventilation and price. Once you have some options, then look around for a good price on them. Personally I would include the Helmet Warehouse in your search for a lid, they have some decent discounts and the advice I got there was better than most.

    For the other gear I'd look for real sales. The Parammatta store of Action has some pretty nice specials from time to time, but that only works if it's gear you want. But MCAS Parammatta, Action and BikeBiz are out there in a small area, so it's an area worth a look.