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NSW McCars Creek rd speed limit change

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' at netrider.net.au started by Andrew West, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. I'm pretty sure it's just been changed but if you're riding the McCars creek rd run be aware the speed limit from Bayview golf club through to Church point is 50 K's and I'm positive it used to be 60 K's till you hit Church point.

  2. It was 60 last week. You'd hope that us local residents would get some notice of this - but nothing's been said to us.
    That stretch of road is so safe, I've never seen an accident there in 10 years of daily riding, there's usually at least one crash a week further up though and that's still a 60 zone.
    An assumption could be made that the entire length of McCarrs will be changed to 50 soon then.
  3. Yes I was half expected it to be all the way through to Terry Hills WombleWomble, possibly a knee jerk reaction to the recent accidents in the area and the whining locals
  4. I think your suspicions are correct. 99% of the crashes happen on the twisty sections further up.
    The bit that's changed is wide with clear sight lines and many junctions. It doesn't make any sense.
    That said - the mainlanders are a PITA - they tried to stop us islanders getting parking recently when the new car park plans went in.
    How exactly are we supposed to park when we live a KM offshore with water access only, it's not our fault that the council sold 3 times as many parking permits as available spaces!!! /rant ends/

    I'm off for a bex and a lie down.
  5. Road name From To Local Government Area Current speed limitkm/h New speed limit km/h Reason for change
    Pittwater Road, Bayview 20 metres north of Bayview Place McCarrs Creek Road Pittwater 60 50 This change reduces the speed limit at this location in response to local community concerns.


    I have to say though, is a warning to other riders really necessary? I mean if they miss the signs maybe they deserve to be caught.

    As for why, its pretty dense residential on a popular road, surprised its bee 60 this long.
  6. iClintiClint it was more a heads up to the regulars and yes maybe they should pick it up regardless, but for a regular as I almost did, it's easy to miss. I think WombleWomble has a valid point in that where they have reduced the limit is not where the majority of the problems are occurring.
  7. So much attention has been poured on this little stretch of road after the re surfacing.
    A lot of it due to the wombats with their Go-poo's on posting up videos of themselves speeding and overtaking on double lines .
    The fatality of the push bike rider was actually caused buy a WRX boy racer over committing his lack of driving skill at speed in a corner thus taking the life of an innocent human and destroying his family.

    This is my local area , I love to go for a brisk ride up to West head with my Missus before the gates close but we keep it tidy in the built up area.
    I can see the road from my house across the water and I can sympathise with the residence who have to endure the noise and anti social behaviour on the street they live on.
    Just last night coming home from work a group of twenty plus "night riders" were using the Bilgola bends as their personal race track overtaking cars on blind corners over double lines.
    Hello wake up you retards ! You are ruining it for every other MC rider by causing the public to think we are all lunatic law breakers and bringing undue attention from Mr Plod.

    I am no angel but time and place gentlemen .

    There is a place called Eastern creek SMSP now if you want to show all your mates how big your plumbs are join us tipping into turn 1 @ 200 + kph
    Its legal :) no cops no trees no tradie utes going the other way with a skin full of piss after the pub
    no mobile facebooking P plated girls .

    How would you like it in your street ? scaring the shit out of you when you're backing out of your driveway or nearly running over your dog or your kids.
    50 k I can put up with that for a few hundred meter's why cant you ?
    It's your own fault ...............you contributed to it.
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  8. totally agree dezmonsterdezmonster , I find the ride at the speed limit perfect for me who is still on a steep learning curve and the return ride out to west head then down to Akuna bay and exiting at Terry Hills great cornering practice for a noob like myself. But yes I always have an eye on my rear mirrors because guaranteed I will be gobbled up by a speed demon and then yes we are all branded with that same brush.
  9. Where are you based? I'm on the Island opposite Church Point.
  10. Womble Im in Newport .
    Bit of a vented rant I know but I am a bit pissed off, pre re surfacing McCarrs was pretty quiet .
    Literally a week after it all the wombats posted up there narcasistic pin dick videos of themselves and mates
    scratching round corners ............ruined it for everyone , just like the Old Pac and look whats happened there
    60k now on what in reality is a country road .
    If I am not wrong 60k is usually mandated for roads that are in a built up area with no street lights.
    Thanks dick wads.
  11. I live in Newport too. There's a large group of riders that come up to this area and stop at Lucy and Peps every Thursday night - no idea where they are from or if it is a club but I can hear them across the water going around Bayview - riding fast in such a large group on a narrow residential road is not my idea of fun but I guess a lot of people cant think for themselves.
  12. cb600 yeah I think it's the Sydney night riders , what an interesting bunch ........they do wheelies past my house and all seem to
    leave their bikes in second gear at high revs for maximum aural enjoyment of the residence some of them are also kitted out with those lovely neon underbody lights .........hmmmm tasteful :) each to their own though, not my cup of tea.
    I had a friend who went for a ride one night with them and came back shaking his head due to the amount of high risk taking
    close riding with some riders doing wheelies in the middle of the pack and was a general pissing contest.
    I bet they spend a lot of time on Youtube watching all those squids in the USA doing mad shit on the freeways all wearing sneakers no gloves with back protectors on the outside over their T shirts. LOL
  13. Oh dear.
  14. Sydneysriders also do a regular ride up to Palm Beach via McCarrs.
  15. I hear them belt past my place in Forestville on a Thursday....... have to say it's nicer than listening to A Current Affair