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MCC of NSW top 10 riding video tips: "Rider Risk" Series

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by robsalvv, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. Absolutely excellently well done set of videos by riders for riders (thanks to JDKM for alerting us to the vids) - an initiative of the MCC of NSW and funded by NSW's Motorcycle Accident Authority.

    Topics covered:
    - Risk management
    - Braking
    - Counter steering
    - Protective clothing
    - Crash scene first aid
    - Pillions
    - Cornering
    - Classic crash scenarios (including NSW stats)
    - Reading road users
    - Group riding


    Check them out! :)
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  2. I've watched all of them today and a few more than once...
    Highly recommend!
  3. Nice one Rob - I'm linking this to my US and UK friends on another forum too; they've probably read the Newbie Cornering series by now...
  4. ...lol, I'm infamous. :)
  5. It's been incredibly well received actually, just like it's appreciated here.
    And let's face it: the yanks need all the help they can get with their distinct lack of mandated rider training...
  6. And thanks for posting the link. They are useful.

    THe countersteering stuff does my head in, I just dont get it. But thats me whos a bit thick.

    Anyway off to do some research on it.
  7. Read the noob cornering series. All you really need to know is there.
  8. Thanks.

    Just need to get my head around pushing right & going right, seems you would go left. Anyway, I'll follow your links.

  9. You're not thick Billy - plenty of folk don't get it to begin with, and easy explanations are hard to find.
    I like to think of it this way:

    Remember when you were a kid, riding the roundabout thing at the park? You pushed it around and then jumped on, and if you didn't hang on you'd fly off the edge? That's the centrifugal forces in action...
    Now imagine you're on your bike, and you made a right turn with the machine perfectly upright. Those same forces want to tip you out to the left side, away from the turn.
    So you can see there: the forces push you in the opposite direction to your turn...
    So what if, instead of steering to the right, you actually counter-steer to the left? Knowing that the forces will push you in the opposite direction, can you see now how the bike would tip to the right?

    Easy, huh?
  10. This video will aid in its understanding:

    I would disagree with one of its points: all steering is not counter-steering. At slower speeds, direct steering works best. From about 20 km/h and up, counter-steering does.
  11. lol there's only one point you disagree with?

    There's a 100 vids on countersteering - sorry to say but JDKM's is probably one of the most well intentioned ones, but not one of the stronger ones... but no need to mention the war on that point. :)
  12. There are more [for instance, the angle at which pressure is applied], but they're not as important in addressing Billy Bright's plight :)

    In the video's defence, it showcases some of the clearest examples of counter-steering in action, at least to me. The others I've seen aren't as well-defined or concise.

    I'll be delighted to have other better videos brought to my attention.
  13. I like how they incorporatedSMIDSY saying in there. Sure it's only to newbiebikers but it's a start
  14. I don't understand countersteering either, but in my opinion: it's good to understand countersteering but it's even more important that you actually do it. I've been counter steering without thinking about before I even knew what counter steering was, so it doesn't really bother me that I don't really understand the concept. just as long as I can do it.
  15. Cheers Alex for the video. I dont know enough to be critical, but what the bloke was saying was slowly letting some light through.

    I dont want to hijack this thread because I know there's a stack of countersteering stuff on the net. This video was way better than other stuff on YT.

  16. Billy Bright, you do not need to understand it, you need to experience it and from there learn to use it.

    I do not understand how gravity works but I use it. I don't understand how alcohol works but I use it. mind you alcohol and gravity don't always mix well.

    Find a spot where you can experiment, either a car park or a quiet stretch of road. Ride the bike in a straight line at say about 40 kph and then gently push on one side of the bars. Feel what happens. Then push on the other side.

    Once you experience what is happening you can start to conciously counter steer as you approach corners, Do that for a bit and you will soon be unconciusly countersteering ( you are doing it anyway if you are steering a bike - you just aren't aware).
  17. OK, been reading some stuff bout counter steering. One thing that confuses me is that they say >20mph (US) you push right and go right. So are they talking about the whole way through a curve OR just before the curve, you push right and then turn the bars in the direction you want to go ?

    Or am I still way off understanding this ?
  18. There's not a lot to understand.

    At slow speed a bike steers by rotating the handle bars in the direction you want to go.

    Above a certain speed, typically >12mph a bike will steer by putting an input into the handle bar/grip in the direction you want to go. You don't need to think about it. Your body learns very quickly which works when because the feedback you get from the bike is very different in each steering mode.

    In learner courses they limit the understanding of countersteering to emergency swerves - which I think is a flaw in the curriculum.

    Push left, go left, Push right, go right, is the only way a bike steers at speed. It's as simple as that. You ask a good question though - the more you continue to push, the more the line will tighten and the more the bike will lean. You will stop pushing and just maintain when you see that the line/trajectory that you've set the bike on is taking you where you want to go.

    Listen, just read the noob cornering series and follow them to the letter and that should see you right.

    If you want more physics info about it, go here: http://www.msgroup.org/Articles.aspx?Cat=4
  19. Cheers Rob,

    I think I'm doing more damage here by going into this in unnecessary detail.
  20. The damage doesn't really start till Rob starts explaining the phisics :LOL: